The success of every enterprise depends on getting the right people in the right roles – and giving each employee the authority and autonomy to perform.

Riva’s data integration solutions enhance performance throughout the enterprise because we appreciate the unique challenges faced by decision-makers who support revenue and security goals.

Advisors and Revenue Generators

Demonstrate nuanced understanding of customer needs, build relationships, and close sales with real-time access to relevant, personalized data that improves interactions, saves time, and drives business growth.
  • Improve the efficiency and satisfaction of each customer interaction by gathering each data point once. Surface relevant details when you need them.
  • Grow revenues by using targeted information to increase the productivity and efficiency of each customer interaction. Know their needs, save their time, win their trust – and earn their business.
  • Keep calendars, inboxes, tasks, and contacts in sync across applications and devices.
  • Keep important meetings private. Help delegates truly manage calendars between CRM and business applications.

Business Leaders

Gain confidence in your reporting data and automate the key indicators that drive performance, focus, and incentives.
  • Increase accuracy for dashboards and tracking team KPIs.
  • Enhance context to improve reporting, visibility, and pipeline understanding.
  • Create targeted team compensation through reliable automation of key data.

Chief Information Security Officers

Alleviate IT concerns and get business leaders what they need while bolstering data security and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Custom and third-party certified data security protocols that prevent data breaches.
  • Industry-specific regulatory compliance designed to meet global requirements – and avoid sanctions and reputation damage.
  • Flexible deployment options to meet your security concerns.

IT Leaders

Simplify data integration, control data access, and leverage powerful administrative and monitoring tools - with mature, scalable, ready-to-use solutions that seamlessly connect email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and CRM – saving valuable development time and resources for other IT initiatives.
  • Proven, mature technology that facilitates data flow, and surfaces data housed in native applications.
  • Ready-to-install solution eliminates the time and cost of developing a data integration solution from scratch – allowing IT to focus on other pressing development priorities.
  • Comprehensive data integration that requires no stand-alone desktop applications or mobile apps.
  • Stable automation that provides robust features without compromising applications and system uptime.