You already know the many benefits of using NetSuite CRM in your business. Today, people live in their inbox. How do you meet the goals of improving customer interactions and enhancing data quality without changing that behavior? That’s where Riva comes in.

Riva extends the power and value of your investment by seamlessly connecting NetSuite CRM calendar and contacts to Outlook / Office 365, G Suite, HCL Notes, and more – creating real-time interoperability between these applications.

Riva Makes Staying Connected to Customers Easy

With Riva, your team doesn’t have to change the way they work.  The Riva Relationship Engine makes it easy by delivering the customer data your team needs, when and where they need it.

We Keep Great Company

Our core values align closely with NetSuite’s promise to deliver innovative experiences, 360º customer views, and a single unified platform. Our Relationship Engine delivers customer intelligence that already exists in NetSuite – directly to your inbox. Riva puts your organization in the driver’s seat because its smart design flexes to align with your business processes, security protocols, and workflows to improve interactions and relationships – at scale!

Say Good-bye to Updating Multiple Applications

Riva delivers relationship data to the applications and workflows your team uses most in smart, contextual ways – eliminating the time wasted accessing and updating multiple systems, reducing error, and improving data quality.

Meets Security, Privacy, and Compliance Requirements

Riva surfaces only the data your individual team members need at the levels you choose – respecting data privacy requirements. Avoid costly reputation damage and maintain client trust!

Give Your Team a Relationship Advantage

It’s a noisy marketplace. Stand out by delivering more data-driven and fruitful customer interactions and get more value from your NetSuite investment with Riva.