Riva is here to make CRM easier, smarter, and in line with industry and regulatory requirements. Our Insight side panel is the best way to deliver on that promise – putting connections, conversations and meetings into the context of relationships, right in the workflow your teams use most.  Our newest release is ready for release on January 25, 2022 and delivers key improvements! 

What Is New

Easily Search for (and Find) Related CRM Items 

See your users’ efficiency increase thanks to a simpler search for related CRM items. Starting with Riva Insight 2022.1, search results will now show as a new page taking up the entire side panel (with the option to close/return at the top), where each item will appear as its own card, allowing for easier scrolling. No more frustration or loss of productivity struggling to read and find search results! 

What Is Easier

Salesforce Data Display Performance Improvement

Riva improved the performance of its side panel. Starting with Riva Insight 2022.1, when your instance is configured to display additional or custom fields, only fields required by Insight are retrieved. This helps speed up the loading process as Insight is not working on bringing in unnecessary fields or querying records multiple times.  


What We Fixed

Insight 2022.1 was a feature-focused release; no major bugs were addressed. 

Where You Can Learn More

If you’re interested in any of these new capabilities, please contact the Riva Success Team. 

Visit our knowledge base to learn more, get the details from our screenshots and accompanying deep dives on each feature and configuration, and understand who is affected. 

Riva Insight 2022.1 on KB  


Important Notice: Internet Explorer End of Life and Edge Chromium (WebView2) Support 

Insight version: Windows Add-in 

The Riva Insight Windows add-in now supports Edge Chromium (WebView2) as the embedded browser within Outlook. This follows Microsoft’s and Salesforce’s announcements that they are ending (or have ended) support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, also ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer with Riva Insight. Using Edge Chromium is especially recommended for anyone connecting to Riva Insight through Login with Salesforce. 

Learn more about the end-of-life notices, determine whether they impact you, and the requirements to upgrade here.


(Unless specified, all the features listed above apply to all CRM and Email platforms supported by Riva and for all deployment options.)