Customer delight depends on excellence in customer experience. Read on to learn how Riva helps enterprise clients connect data, build relationships, break away from competitors, and inspire the kind of delight customers never forget.

Manufacturing / Chemicals

Carlsberg Importers Uses Riva to Sync Salesforce and HCL Notes - Reliably and at Scale

Carlsberg Importers trusts Riva to sync calendars, appointments, tasks, attachments, and more between Salesforce and HCL Notes. Riva's straightforward setup and reliability are two of the reasons they value Riva as their integration partner.

Manufacturing / Chemicals

Leonidas Uses Riva to Create Sweet Results at 1300+ Stores Worldwide

A master chocolatier, Leonidas is world-renowned for their Belgium chocolate pralines with more than 1,300 stores across 40 countries and 5 continents. The company prides itself on creating "moments of happiness" for its consumers. After implementing Salesforce, they found Riva to solve their integration issues with HCL Notes / Traveler and seamlessly connect the systems their teams rely on to create memorable customer interactions.

Manufacturing / Chemicals

Pernod Ricard Uses Riva to Sync Salesforce, Office 365, and iPad in Real-Time

Pernod Ricard implemented Riva to synchronize Salesforce contact and calendar information to Office 365 and iPad devices. Riva’s advanced email and CRM data automation features have improved its sales representatives’ visibility to relevant customer intelligence. They can now access customer data at any time, from any location, and using any device.

Banking / Financial Services

Riva Securely and Intelligently Connects Salesforce and Office 365 Calendar and Inbox for This Boston-Based Hedge Fund

Headquartered in Boston and London, this long-position hedge fund firm is one of the world’s most successful risk management groups. Their clients value the highly personalized customer care they’re given and the firm’s focus on achieving the best possible return on their investments. Riva’s real-time and intelligent sync frees the team from duplicating data entry between applications – eliminating the risk of error or critical omissions. And Riva exceeds the critical security, privacy, and compliance requirements of this firm.

Banking / Financial Services

Japanese Bank Uses Riva's Intelligent Sync to Power Relationships and Create Interoperability between Salesforce, Calendar, and Email

This financial institution’s name means “a fresh harvest of rice” in Japanese, expressing their commitment to offering high-value financial products and services to their customers all over the world. With over 30,000 employees across the globe, they choose Riva to help their US division deliver on the promise to create continuous value for their customers.

Financial Services / Insurance

Certior Financial and Health & Benefits Partners Use Riva to Connect Hybrid Salesforce / Office 365 in a Complex Environment

Certior Financial Group and Health & Benefits Partners is the partnering of two companies; Certior Financial, a group of financial advisors who help people with investments, and Health and Benefits Partners, a health insurance brokerage that provides insurance for individuals, groups, and those over 65 years of age. Both companies believe in a personalized approach with their clients.

Wellness & Spa

KLAFS Trusts the Riva Engine to Connect CRM and Inbox/Calendars so Employees Can Deliver on Their Commitment to Wellness

KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of sauna systems for private and commercial use and is the world market leader in the fields of saunas, spas, and overall wellness.

Life Sciences

Medical Device Company Mölnlycke Uses Riva to Connect Office 365 and Veeva CRM Securely - and at Scale

Mölnlycke (pronounced ‘Mon-licka’) is a world-leading medical products and solutions company that equips healthcare professionals to achieve the best patient, clinical, and economic outcomes. They are headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden – a short distance from the town of Mölnlycke, the origin of the company’s name. Mölnlycke’s 7,760 employees are located in 40 countries and serve customers in almost 100 countries.

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