This national bank needed a way to easily deliver accurate and up-to-date client intelligence to their frontline staff – enabling them to understand their customers’ current situations and anticipate their future needs. They turned to Riva to deliver customer intelligence in real-time. They now have the insights, reporting, and analytics they need to make data-driven decisions that move the business forward.

Like all financial institutions, this organization deals with highly-sensitive customer data and must meet strict security and compliance regulations. They need the data flexibility to surface client details to authorized staff when required and maintain regulatory requirements.

Gaining a competitive edge in the capital markets, corporate, government, and institutional sectors isn’t easy in today’s market. It requires an organizational commitment to excellence, a team dedicated to providing consistent, personalized client interactions, and the right technologies in place to make it all possible.

Before implementing Riva, this financial institution thought they were on the right track. After all, they made a significant investment in a tailor-made Salesforce instance where their staff could access and update client data. It includes unique fields that store and display the data that their teams need most when interacting with their clients.

While their staff appreciates having data available in Salesforce, it turns out they don’t like having to “live” in Salesforce. Most prefer working in their email and calendar inbox.

Since the institution mandated Salesforce as their single source of truth, frontline team members spent time updating Salesforce independently from the daily interactions they were logging in their calendars and inboxes. This led to having multiple points of reference for a client. Often, the most accurate and up-to-date customer data existed only in an individual’s inbox – hidden from the rest of the team. Not exactly a Customer 360 experience!

With hectic schedules and little time for learning new applications and adopting new processes and workflows, this institution quickly realized they needed a solution that would unleash the customer data stored in Salesforce and allow client-facing staff to access and update client intelligence data outside of the CRM.


The team faced many daily obstacles that caused friction with clients, like asking clients to verify contact information multiple times, not having access to accurate data before a meeting or during calls, and the inability to accurately track product interest.

Since the information wasn’t flowing between calendar, email, Salesforce, and other core applications, staff had to enter it in Salesforce manually. Toggling between applications quickly resulted in poor data quality and took time away from serving clients. Salesforce wasn’t the single source of truth this financial institution had hoped it would be.

They set their sights on an on-premises data synchronization tool that could go beyond what the free CRM provider tools could do – a way to harmonize their customized client data across their core applications and finally allow them to look to Salesforce as the single source of truth they had intended it to be. That’s when they found Riva.


This institution has more than 400 customer-facing staff members that work directly with high-net-worth clients. With Riva, they are now harmonizing appointments and tasks between Salesforce and Exchange. Appointments sync bi-directionally only if categorized, giving the organization control over how – and to whom – they want client intelligence data displayed.

With the addition of Riva Insight, they now have client intelligence flowing back and forth between Salesforce and Exchange, where the team can quickly access data directly from Salesforce in a side panel – right in their inbox. Using Riva’s advanced configuration options, this institution reveals client intelligence data visibility based on each user’s strict security and privacy clearance.

The team can now see all the Salesforce customer data they need without having to toggle between different applications – saving precious time and improving client data quality.


This financial institution has really embraced the features and functionality of Riva. Outside of the technical staff involved in the implementation and configuration of Riva, most users are completely unaware that Riva is running seamlessly in the background to provide bi-directional sync of contacts to a customized folder. Contact creation and deletion are set up the way the organization prefers – limited to Salesforce only. And, to ensure vital data is not lost, deletion recovery is in place.

The organization loves Riva Insight! They use it across departments to track call reports and deals. When a team member clicks on a contact in Riva Insight, they see upcoming and recent events, deals, and the most recent five calls made to that contact – including dates and notes from the calls.

This allows staff to get relevant and real-time data about an individual client or prospective client quickly. And this information is only visible based on an advanced filter configuration that includes a shared table in Salesforce. This means that the user only sees these details if they are a deal member, and they have the security clearance to view this information. A team member also has the option not to share a call report with other syncing users.

They have also taken full advantage of the flexibility of Riva’s email tracking functionality to suit their needs. By default, if the track button is clicked, the appointment, email, or task created in calendar or email are automatically synced to CRM. This institution has Riva Insight configured to generate a Salesforce call report automatically for an appointment, email, or task if the tracking button is clicked. If not clicked, these items sync directly to Salesforce instead of creating a call report. This institution ensured their technology conformed to their business workflow and not the other way around!

This institution now benefits from:

  • a Customer 360 view of client data and interactions;
  • advanced sync of appointments, tasks, contacts, call reports, and deals;
  • email tracking that allows for appointments, emails, and tasks to be synced as a call report in Salesforce;
  • full functionality and a true single source of truth in Salesforce.

Using Riva’s advanced configuration options, this organization is now able to provide a hyper-personalized experience with each client interaction – regardless of whether their team chooses to work directly in their tailored version of Salesforce or directly in their inbox.

“Thanks to Riva, we are now able to provide a client experience that keeps us highly competitive. Before, our interactions with clients and prospects weren’t being logged accurately or consistently in Salesforce. So, if different team members were conversing with the same person, we did not have an accurate or up-to-date history of conversations. This led to duplication of effort and confusion regarding the status of a lead. Now, we can easily interact with our clients and prospects and manage our wealth managers’ activity. Riva went above and beyond to work with us to ensure we have exactly what we want,” says the CRM administrator.

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