This financial institution deals with high net-worth individuals and corporations. Its financial advisors, consultants, and brokers need to access relevant and current client and account information quickly – with a single click or screen touch. When the bank attempted to integrate its business processes and harmonize email tracking, calendar, and related information between Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange, it quickly determined the default options could not meet its security, data privacy, and data residency requirements.

This bank was looking to improve its customer journey while accelerating business flows and internal processes. With multiple firewalls and security requirements in place, there was no way of quickly accessing Salesforce information to improve the customer experience.

Customer-facing staff, advisors, brokers, and investors had to access and input data in multiple systems, wasting precious time and resources that would be better used to focus on the customers and their immediate needs.


Before being introduced to Riva and Riva Insight by a Salesforce implementation partner, this financial institution had tried to use the native Salesforce Lightning Sync and Outlook options. The native Lightning Sync and Outlook integration options could not meet the bank’s data privacy, visibility, and control requirements. By default, most native sync solutions store administrator credentials for Active Directory / Exchange in the Cloud and allow Salesforce to view and/or manage data across all users in the entire email system. This was not an option for this institution. It needed to keep its systems locked down to continue to protect client information.

The bank’s Salesforce implementation includes business flows that take advantage of custom fields, mapping, and views. The core requirements for its Salesforce data integration included providing control and automation of:

  • email and attachment tracking and classification for contacts, accounts, appointments/events, opportunities, custom objects/fields;
  • meeting invitation tracking and classification for calendars and custom Salesforce event objects;
  • improved meeting attendee status tracking, visibility, and reporting;
  • the ability to differentiate meeting information stored for internal versus external meetings and attendees;
  • sending meeting changes/updates from mobile devices;
  • inviting non-Salesforce contacts to meetings;
  • improving meeting outcomes and sharing meeting notes across team members;
  • inbox visibility and direct links to relevant opportunities in Salesforce – without custom mobile, browser, or desktop apps;
  • contact synchronization from Salesforce to Outlook based on relevant client engagements and activities tracked in Salesforce;
  • tracking and managing Salesforce tasks in Outlook (mobile and desktop).

At this institution, users require varying and controlled levels of privacy, access, and visibility to Salesforce customer data. The bank needed the flexibility to grant varying levels of access and ensure only authorized users in Salesforce and/or Outlook could surface this information.

Another requirement was to ensure sales teams and management were getting the full picture and better analytics and insight into the types and frequency of meetings being held within the company and with customers. This was something not previously available before implementing Riva. Meeting and calendar metrics and KPIs were vital to provide coaching opportunities and performance-based staff compensation.


Riva Insight and Riva’s data sync, harmonization, and automation options allow the bank’s management and Salesforce teams to gather and view a complete picture of client engagement and employee interactions. Users and managers now benefit from better analytics and reporting on their success as clients move through their journey.

With Riva and Riva Insight, this bank’s users have the best of both worlds – fully leveraging Outlook and Salesforce to do what each platform does best! Users have quick summary views from Outlook into Salesforce contact, account, opportunity, and other information and the ability to, with a single click or tap, access the complete customer information set in Salesforce. Users can track, categorize, and classify calendars, tasks, meetings, opportunities, and emails directly in Outlook desktop or mobile.

Riva was the only company that met this financial institution’s timeline, data harmonization, performance, and business automation needs while meeting its security and data residency requirements.

“Riva support is outstanding! They are totally devoted to the customer handling each case or issue with the highest standards. It is always a true pleasure working with the professional Riva support team,” noted the institution’s Transformation Leader.

This financial institution was one of the first banks to implement Riva’s Track in CRM option for Salesforce to provide improved flexibility in assigning and classifying email and calendar events, including attachments, to specific or unrelated accounts. Riva allows staff to work more efficiently and productively, knowing the data they see in Outlook or Salesforce always reflects the most relevant and up-to-date information. Riva ensures that the right users get the right data, at the right time, on the right device, every time.

“We realized that Riva is the only solution in the market that can meet all of our Salesforce and Exchange integration needs.”

Thanks to Riva and Riva Insight, this bank has better control over what data is tracked, categorized, synchronized, and harmonized between Salesforce and Exchange while knowing its security and data privacy needs are being met. Improved reporting and analytics are being used to identify trends and project future success. The bank and users trust Riva to ensure nothing is synchronized to Salesforce without being properly categorized and ensuring no data goes from Salesforce to Outlook that shouldn’t.

The bank and its customers now benefit by being able to enjoy a higher customer standard of care by being able to:

  • see invited participants’ RSVPs in Salesforce as well as in Outlook;
  • update external Outlook meeting subject, attendees, and content in Outlook and have these reflected in Salesforce as separate fields from the internal meeting preparation fields;
  • synchronize and classify emails, meetings, and related attachments from Outlook to Salesforce and relating those emails to the relevant entity (e.g., contact, account, account group, opportunity);
  • select the relevant account(s) an email will be related to for contacts related to multiple accounts;
  • attach an email from/to or a meeting to a person who is not a contact in the system;
  • attach an email to a contact who is not part of the email senders/recipients/cc;
  • share meeting notes with other internal users;
  • only view emails in Salesforce based on user permissions to the parent object (e.g., account, opportunity, contact).

“Riva has been a life-saver for our users and our digital transformation strategy. It has opened the door to allowing secure, quick access to account and contact information to help our users when they are in front of a customer to appear knowledgeable and caring about every account and contact.”



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