Tools like Salesforce, Office365/Exchange, and Gmail are critical to managing internal and external relationships, but when data gets caught between these platforms, it creates customer blind spots. The resulting data silos create frustration, confusion, and delay for your teams and clients.

The Riva Engine seamlessly integrates customer data across the platforms that enterprises use most to deliver a curated, contextual, and real-time, customer 360-degree view — regardless of which application or device your team is using. But our industry-leading sync platform is not all we do. For years, we have been helping financial clients solve unique and complex interoperability requirements in highly secure environments.

Here are the top 5 innovations that help our Financial Services clients make the most of their customer data:

  1. MNPI-Compliant Data Flows:  Riva is Salesforce’s preferred partner to sync O365/Exchange with Financial Services Cloud because of the sophisticated data flows we’ve developed over the past ten years. Riva is configurable to set the privacy level of meetings as sensitive, creating both new interaction in FSC and an event in Salesforce – each containing different levels of access to event information. This approach to storing customer data allows a user’s calendar to be updated appropriately. It allows their time to be blocked in Salesforce without revealing any Material Nonpublic Information (MNPI) to those without access.
  2. Conversation Capture: Conversation Capture ensures that everyone who engages with a client account has access to a Riva-curated, well-organized view of the latest email conversations and email attachments. Storing data in this way makes it easy for anyone in the organization to view conversation threads from the contract, account, opportunity, and case records. We have also mapped them to custom objects for our clients.
  3. Classification Prompt: Classification prompt is a custom Outlook feature we created for our clients. The primary goal is to prompt users to sync emails or meetings in CRM at the right level of privacy — public, private, or sensitive. This metadata helps the Riva Engine know how to flow the data into appropriate screens. It also helps the organization’s CISO out by making regulatory compliance and privacy everyone’s job — especially when it comes to MNPI.
  4. Know Your Invitees: This popular feature of our data operations platform is a key contributor to our clients’ enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) initiatives. Riva automatically captures meeting invitees who are not found in either CRM or email contacts folder and stores it in each platform. With Riva Insight, our side panel that surfaces relationship potential, this data is surfaced contextually prompting the user to enhance the data at relevant points in the customer journey.
  5. Custom Views by Role: The Riva Engine is designed to help you curate data and flow it across the applications your teams use most in a way that fits your organization. We do this for some of the most demanding global conglomerates who require different views of their customer data by application, department, title, name, and more.

Our clients know that their customer data holds more potential than their technology allows them to access and use. They’ve pushed us to create some of the industry’s leading solutions to deepen relationships and enhance productivity. These five are the most popular, but you can find more in our CRM integration evaluation guide.

Riva’s robust data operations platform allows corporations to abstract essential customer data from emails, contacts, and meeting invitations to place it in the context of conversations, relationships, and collaborations. After considering data privacy and industry regulations, the enriched data flows back to employees to create more value for the customer — during each experience.