Time to Empower End Users With Complete, Up-To-Date, and Curated Data

Riva unifies, governs, and delivers trusted data to the screens where it’s most needed.

What does that mean?

As the essential link between your revenue tech stack (CRM, data lake, etc.) and communication stack (email, calendar, chatbot, etc.) Riva seamlessly provides your teams with curated customer data exactly when and where they need it. This valuable data informs AI-driven processes, generates trustworthy insights, and enables meaningful customer engagement.

We specialize in synchronizing, surfacing, and governing data, and we are dedicated to delivering mission-critical interaction data that enhances data trust, amplifies productivity, and ultimately increases customer lifetime value.

Did You Know?

With just a 3% performance increase in each customer interaction, you can improve your deal win rate by 69%!

“Riva is keeping Sales and Ops teams in sync concerning their Outlook and Salesforce meetings, emails, and other items, which allows better collaboration and saves time that can be used productively for primary purposes instead of admin activities.”G2 Review

Time to Integrate Your Data Across Platforms

Unlike ordinary connectors, Riva is purpose-built to capture, model, and deliver customer data seamlessly across an ever-expanding range of applications in both the Revenue Stack and the Communications Stack. This means greater agility for your data.

Riva effortlessly integrates with your CRM, data lake, emails, calendars, meeting notes, and other essential data sources your teams rely on to communicate with clients.

Our platform was meticulously crafted to cater to the unique characteristics and vast quantities of customer and accurate data, specifically tailored for organizations with enduring customer relationships. With our secure pass-through software, Riva effortlessly connects the key platforms used by Go-To-Market teams, including devices, files, databases, and systems within communications and revenue stacks.

Leveraging the power of automation (and, in certain solutions, human intelligence), Riva expertly curates the data, ensuring the capture and storage of unified revenue data. Moreover, our platform incorporates automated governance mechanisms to guarantee that this valuable revenue data is delivered to the right individuals and seamlessly integrated into their workflows precisely when needed.

Did You Know?

Only 31% of FINS customers think their provider has a good customer experience and would switch to another provider who understands their needs better.

“Riva has been great in assisting us with keeping our user records clean and up to date. They also proactively reach out directly if they identify errors and help resolve the issue quickly.” – G2 Review

Time to Enable Secure and Compliant Data Automation

When reputation and compliance are on the line, there is no room for error. That’s why Riva is here to eliminate risk and leverage the full power of its revenue data ops platform, effectively distributing unified, governed, and trusted customer data exclusively to its intended destinations.

We address key objectives, including data quality, privacy, and Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) handling.

For the last 12 years, Riva has been helping enterprises in regulated industries manage the data from the explosion of applications across the revenue and communications stacks. Riva’s Revenue Data Ops Engine brings IT/ Ops teams the tools they need to increase the velocity, reliability, and quality of the deal and customer data at scale. It is the only solution with granular governance features that dictate the storage, access, and flow of data.

With our pass-through revenue data solution, we meet the most stringent information security and regulatory requirements and empower IT/Ops teams to leverage data with increased confidence and trust.

Did You Know?

$10 bn is the total amount of fines issued in 15 months from Sep 2018 to Dec 2019 based on non-compliant data.

“We have three policies for our different teams, and Riva helps us to get critical information between these systems in near real-time. Email especially is important to our Support team (and others) while our Sales team heavily relies on email and their appointments.” – G2 Review

Riva Essentials

Do More With Less!


Our pass-through architecture integrates customer and deal data behind the scenes to connect your system of action to your system of record.

Integrated Sidebar

Riva's revenue ops sidebar brings CRM into Outlook and combines human intelligence and automation to create data trust.

Meeting Management

Hate the process of scheduling a meeting? Our rev ops sidebar has a powerful bookings feature built to spec for our most demanding enterprise clients.

Forrester Study: Riva's 352% ROI

Riva commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises will realize by deploying its Data Operations Engine. After interviewing 4 customers, aggregating the interviewees’ experiences, and combining the results into a single composite organization.

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