Not Getting what you need from your Tech Stack?

It should be easy, right? You need to empower your advisors, sales, and customer-facing teams to deliver brilliant customer experiences and increase customer lifetime value. Why is that still a problem? In today’s world, companies and users expect seamless integration between their tech stack, comms stack, and CRM. At the same time, they expect their sales engagement tools to be tightly integrated and provide a competitive advantage rather than getting in the way!  

What happens when that’s not the case? Lack of data trust, poor visibility into the relevant and high-value Customer 360 data, unmet customer expectations, lost opportunities, pressure to meet increasing sales quotas, and, most often, history just keeps repeating itself. So, how do you start bringing about change?

Get Riva Activity Capture and Sales Engagement – Your Unfair Advantage!

Riva Activity Capture Engine and Sales Engagement deliver Better-Together business outcomes. Purposebuilt to align with your enterprise data privacy, compliance, and scalability requirements, they work the way you expect they would – while enabling modern digital experiences that build data trust, amplify employee success, and increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Deliver Complete and Trusted Customer 360

Unlike Einstein Activity Capture and in-house built connectors, Riva is specifically designed to meet enterprise activity capture, security, and compliance requirements and seamlessly integrate key customer relationship and comms data with your sales engagement tools and flows – at scale.

Amplify Advisor and Sales Teams Success

High-quality employee and customer experience yield higher lifetime value, and magic happens when technology automates workflows that allow you to spend more time with customers – rather than carrying out regular tasks. How much time does your team spend trying to schedule meetings, finding information before meetings, and task switching across systems? Riva’s Better Together strategy allows you to easily manage and plan your daily priorities, get real-time access to Customer 360 data, and benefit from AI-assisted communications and business flows - while engaging your customers with brilliant digital experiences.

Welcome Peace-of-Mind to your Data

Accurate and relevant customer data is a key competitive advantage and one of your company’s most valuable assets. With Riva, you get ironclad data compliance, elevated data relevance, and trust, so you don’t have to lose sleep over your integration and customer engagement processes. Yes, there are other options. Our customers have tried them. And, they tell us Riva’s Better Together approach “just works the way we need things to work – across all of our business units”. That's why Riva is the most trusted solution by your peers.

Trusted by Security and Compliance Minded Enterprises Across the Globe

Years in Revenue Data Operations
Global Financial Service & Pharma Organizations
Active Enterprises and Fast Growing Companies
Successful Security Reviews
Users in Largest Near Real-Time Sync Deployment
What Our Customers are Saying
"With Riva, we now provide a client experience that keeps us highly competitive. Our wealth managers have an up-to-date history of prospect and client interactions and activities - eliminating confusion between team members and making the client experience seamless. Riva went above and beyond."
Top North American Financial Services Organization
What Our Customers are Saying
Like many institutions our size, we have a complex tech stack with both on-premises and cloud-based applications. We need our sync solution to easily manage our over 1.5M appointments each month, be effortlessly scalable and secure. We couldn’t afford to disrupt the way our advisors work. Riva is the only solution for us.
Third largest US-based insurance company
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva is such an elegant, smart solution. The off-the-shelf connectors we tried couldn’t meet our stability, security, and scalability needs. Riva does. It unites our complex applications – without adding complexity. It saves everyone from our Salesforce admin to our advisors hundreds of hours a year.
“Signature” Insurance and Investment Firm
What Our Customers are Saying
“One of the key reasons we selected Riva was for [its] ability to scale across large numbers of users within our consumer bank as well as large populations of users across other related business units.”
Global Investment Bank with 70 Offices in 15 Countries
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva has helped us mitigate the risk of losing the trust of our valuable high net-worth clients. 35,000 of our bankers and wealth managers no longer need to waste time toggling between systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing our clients with stellar customer experience and a very personalized customer journey at every touchpoint with our organization.
US Multinational Investment Bank

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