“Security, privacy, and regulatory compliance are fundamental to Riva’s success, but the human elements of trust – transparency, and integrity –  are just as vital” – Stéphane Zanoni, CTO.

We strive to earn our customers’ trust by paying close attention to details at every level – from the way our data flows improve the way your applications work, to the technological infrastructure that protects your data, scales with your growth and delivers regulatory compliance. Ultimately, like the proverbial iceberg, Riva’s value is about more than what can be seen on the surface.

At Riva, we’ve designed trust, integrity, and privacy into everything we do.

Robust Data Security

We earn and maintain a long list of third-party data security certifications, each demonstrating our commitment to regional, global, and industry-specific requirements.

Industry-Specific Compliance

As leading providers of data solutions in security-sensitive industries, we have tailored solutions to ensure CRM implementations remain compliant as they scale.

Data Privacy

We have clients and offices all over the world. You can trust that our solutions are based on our comprehensive understanding of global privacy regulations across geographies and industries.

Evaluating Vendors? Our Checklist Will Help.

While selecting a CRM sync solution may sound simple, there is much to consider. Download this free guide to make sure you are framing the search by asking all of the questions that matter.