Customer delight depends on excellence in customer experience. Read on to learn how Riva helps enterprise clients connect data, build relationships, break away from competitors, and inspire the kind of delight customers never forget.

Financial Services / Insurance

Riva Helps Leading Global Insurance, Professional Service and Risk Management Provider Boost Salesforce Data Quality, Security, Compliance, and Trusted Customer 360

Faced with the imminent retirement of Salesforce’s Lightning Sync option, this leading global insurance, professional service and risk management provider recognized the opportunity for change. For several years, they had relied on Salesforce Lightning Sync to funnel Outlook email, calendar, and task data to Salesforce.

Banking / Financial Services

Top Five USA-based Bank Chooses Riva to Capture, Unify, Amplify and Leverage Relationship Data to Achieve Data Trust, CRM Adoption, and Full Customer 360

For this top-five USA-based bank, Salesforce CRM has earned its place enterprise-wide as an integral, even indispensable tool for advisors and sales teams to leverage customer history data, improve customer engagements, and grow customer lifetime value. Like many of its peers, this financial powerhouse started its data integration journey using Salesforce’s native Lightning Sync tool to channel calendar, task, and contact data from communication platforms like Outlook.

Life Sciences

Global Pharma Turns to Riva to Make Calendars Work for Field Reps

When this global pharmaceutical’s veterinary sales reps struggled to connect Veeva and Outlook calendars, customer experience was on the line. The enterprise recognized the need for a revenue data operations solution and narrowed the field. In 2018, they deployed Riva’s automated Sync and Insight side panel to automate calendar data sharing. The integration helped to transform calendaring, data quality, CRM adoption, and team productivity to grow customer satisfaction—and bottom-line results.

Banking / Financial Services

One of America’s Big Four Banks Relies On Riva to Build Relationships, Protect Customer Privacy, and Maintain Their Reputation

Known by its iconic octagon logo, this bank is one of the oldest, largest, and best-known financial institutions globally. The bank's securities and wealth management arm is small by design, intimate in their approach, and values preserving its renowned reputation and protecting customer privacy. Impressed by Riva’s reputation for exceeding industry-specific regulatory standards, they knew they had found a solution partner that would help future-proof their business. With Riva, this New York-based Fortune 500 bank has seen a marked increase in meaningful client interactions, Salesforce user adoption, data quality, and productivity – all while securing data at scale.

Banking / Financial Services

Riva Connects Financial Services Cloud and Outlook While Protecting MNPI for This Global Bank

Riva helps this financial institution's bankers develop new business through data-driven client insights using the applications they rely upon most during their daily activities - Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 - all while meeting the bank's requirements for security and compliance.

Banking / Financial Services

Billion-Dollar NY-Based Insurance Company Relies on the Riva Engine for Real-Time Sync of Over 1.5M Appointments Per Month Between Salesforce and Exchange

This mutual life insurance company is a New York cornerstone – so much so that the city is right in the name. Steeped in history, their iconic Manhattan skyscraper is an NYC landmark, spanning an entire city block and distinguished by its pyramidal gilded roof. It represents security and wealth to residents of New York and worldwide. For 175 years, people have relied on this institution – known for its bold blue and white logo – to protect their families and futures. The company believes in the importance of human guidance and entrusted relationships built on being there when their customers need them most. Socially conscious and ahead of its time, they were the first US-based insurance provider to offer women life insurance at the same cost as men. In fact, Susan B. Anthony was one of the company’s first female policyholders!

Banking / Financial Services

This Capital Markets Leader Relies on Riva to Advance Relationships and Protect MNPI

Riva helps this securities leader increase client confidentiality and ensures the right people have access to the right data at the right time - at scale.

Banking / Financial Services

“Signature” Insurance and Investment Firm Trusts Riva to Make Salesforce and Exchange Interoperable - Securely and Automatically

This global investment firm has a long and rich history. Named in honor of the Boston Governor who served as the President of Congress when the Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed, his famous signature still serves as its logo today. This firm takes pride in putting their clients first. They have a team of asset management experts worldwide to help their customers navigate the challenges of today’s markets with a broad range of financial products ranging from insurance to investments and retirement planning.

Banking / Financial Services

This Regal Investment Bank Is Smarter and More Secure with Riva Sync

With a more than 155-year history, this Toronto-based bank is known for its very regal logo – one of Canada’s most recognized emblems. This bank's capital markets arm has been honored with Euromoney’s Best Investment Bank in Canada Award for the past 12 consecutive years. They credit their success in part to choosing innovative, scalable, and secure technologies – including Riva – to complement their expertise in capital markets, banking, and finance – and distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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