Riva has 20+ years of expertise mapping customer data to flow seamlessly between CRM systems and a diverse group of email, calendaring, and other technologies. No matter which systems your enterprise relies upon, Riva has the integration experience necessary to bring them together.

We are happiest solving hard problems and love tackling the privacy, security, and regulatory requirements our enterprise partners bring us at scale.

Integrations by Category:

eMail and Calendar Systems

Other Applications

Veeva Systems
Iqvia OCE
Silverline CalendarAnything
Microsoft OneDrive
SQL Server
Salesforce Advisor Link

Rev Ops in a Regulated Industry. We Make It Easier.

We understand that finding a compliance-oriented revenue data ops solution is hard work. That’s why we are here. Talk to one of our Riva specialists today to bring your data flows and practices into compliance with industry-specific regulations.