Riva Activity Capture

Trusted by your peers, Riva amplifies your advisor, sales, and customer success by capturing activity and relationship data in real-time at scale for complete customer 360.

Unlock the Full Story of Your Customer Relationships

Tired of incomplete and missing customer activity data? Maximize customer lifetime value, eliminate data gaps, and improve productivity with AI-powered customer data capture and trusted customer 360.

Eliminate Data Gaps

Ensure all customer relationship data is captured and shared to the right internal systems and key stakeholders in real-time for data-driven insights and AI initiatives.

Prioritize Signal Over Noise

Intelligent sync rules adapt to the needs of your organization and ensure only the data points that matter are synced to CRM, eliminating data bloat, errors, and duplication and providing high-quality trusted data.

Enhance Customer 360 Trust

Deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences with unified, governed activity and relationship data across the entire organization at your fingertips, exactly where you need it, and when you need it.

Improve Team Productivity

Transform your team’s workflow with powerful technology that brings all the right information to where your teams want to work, no more task switching or wasting time looking for customer information.

Frictionless Meeting Scheduling

Remove friction from meeting scheduling with Riva's signature booking link, providing a seamless and efficient way to plan and coordinate client engagements.

Optimize Customer Engagement

Gain valuable insights from unified data, enabling your team to tailor interactions, identify trends, and implement targeted approaches for enhanced customer satisfaction and successful outcomes.

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Flexibility and Scalability for Your Organization​

We work with multiple enterprises like yours and have the expertise on how to solve technology challenges.

Calendar Integration and Meeting Capture

Enhance collaboration with effortless calendar sync between your email client and CRM.

Email Activity Capture

Capture and relate email data to contacts in CRM, providing a holistic view of your communications and interactions.

Contact and Lead Integration

Save time and ensure accurate data entry by creating or updating CRM records directly from the email client.

Ironclad Data Compliance

Ensure the highest level of security, privacy and compliance with robust data encryption at rest and in transit.

AI-Driven Data Enhancement

Supercharge your data with Riva Copilot AI, transforming your customer database into relevant, actionable data.

Insight Outlook Side Panel

Easily access CRM customer data in context with Riva Insight, a sidebar that displays directly in your inbox and calendar.


Security Practices and Handling Sensitive Data

Riva prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your data. Riva has successfully completed the SOC 2 examination, and we adhere to the highest standards to protect our customers’ data. We implement encrypted web services for CRM connections and SSL-encrypted access for Exchange Web Services, and provide customizable security configurations aligned with customer needs.

Deployment Options

Riva Cloud SaaS

Riva Cloud SaaS offers a shared, secure cloud environment, an infrastructure well-suited for businesses seeking cost-effective and scalable CRM and email system integration. With Riva Cloud's multi-tenant approach, your organization benefits from streamlined cloud-based connections without the need for additional Outlook plug-ins or mobile applications.

Riva Cloud Dedicated

Riva Cloud Dedicated offers a single-tenant cloud environment, an infrastructure well-suited for businesses with large-scale data and workflow needs for their CRM and email system integration. Meeting strict control, security, and compliance requirements, dedicated cloud offers a good option for companies in the financial and other regulated industries.

Data Center (On Premises)

Riva Data Center deployments are hosted on on-premises server infrastructure at the customer site and deliver secure server-to-server integration for CRM and email systems. Riva Data Center deployments include Riva Manager application to create and manage connections and sync policies for flexible sync configurations.

Recognized by Industry Experts

Unlock the True Potential of Your Data

Discover how Riva Activity Capture delivers measurable returns on investment, driving growth and efficiency across the organization. 

Riva TEI
What Our Customers are Saying
"With Riva, we now provide a client experience that keeps us highly competitive. Our wealth managers have an up-to-date history of prospect and client interactions and activities - eliminating confusion between team members and making the client experience seamless. Riva went above and beyond."
Head of Investment Banking & CRM Technologies
Top North American Financial Services Organization
What Our Customers are Saying
Like many institutions our size, we have a complex tech stack with both on-premises and cloud-based applications. We need our sync solution to easily manage our over 1.5M appointments each month, be effortlessly scalable and secure. We couldn’t afford to disrupt the way our advisors work. Riva is the only solution for us.
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Third largest US-based insurance company
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva is such an elegant, smart solution. The off-the-shelf connectors we tried couldn’t meet our stability, security, and scalability needs. Riva does. It unites our complex applications – without adding complexity. It saves everyone from our Salesforce admin to our advisors hundreds of hours a year.
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation
“Signature” Insurance and Investment Firm
What Our Customers are Saying
“One of the key reasons we selected Riva was for [its] ability to scale across large numbers of users within our consumer bank as well as large populations of users across other related business units.”
Program Manager, CRM Strategy
Global Investment Bank with 70 Offices in 15 Countries
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva has helped us mitigate the risk of losing the trust of our valuable high net-worth clients. 35,000 of our bankers and wealth managers no longer need to waste time toggling between systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing our clients with stellar customer experience and a very personalized customer journey at every touchpoint with our organization. Riva helps the email piece be part of [the] whole 360. Without Riva, you can’t get a complete picture. You don’t have that information in CRM; you’re missing a piece of it. You’re not realizing that potential.
Program Manager, CRM
US Multinational Investment Bank
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