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The Importance of Teamwork with Tiki Barber

The Importance of Relationships in Football, Business, and Life. This Rev-Tech Podcast was recorded live in New York with Tiki Barber—the former New York Giants running back and successful business owner. Join the conversation as Riva’s Ken Lorenz discusses football, technology, and the importance of building and maintaining relationships with Tiki. This once-in-a-lifetime conversation is…

From Big Data to Good Data with Yan Yang, Chief Data Scientist at Deserve

Democratizing Access to Data In this episode, Yan Yang, Chief Data Scientist at Deserve, joins the Rev Tech Revolution to talk about how to go from big data to good data, how good data teams are like internal consultants and the importance of making your data models fair and nondiscriminatory.   Guest: Yin Yang, Chief…

Reducing Security and Compliance Hurdles with Azret Deljanin

Security and Compliance: The keys to data integrity Azret Deljanin is the VP of Infrastructure and Security at Yieldstreet, responsible for protecting some of the world’s most sensitive data. In this episode, Azret shares insights on AI’s rising role in security and compliance, strategies for keeping sensitive data secure, and Yieldstreet’s innovation-powered drive to change…

Strengthening Digital Relationships With Customers with Lori Lamkin, Corporate Vice President Dynamics 365

Welcome to the newest addition in the Rev-Tech Revolution podcast series, where we combine our 10 plus years of CRM data operations experience and all-star guests to explore how organizations drive revenue through cutting edge Riva technology Today’s episode is hosted by Ken Lorenz, Riva’s VP of Sales. He will be talking to Lori Lamkin…

Amplifying Business Value Through Sales Technology With Emily Bennett and Bob King

Today’s episode is hosted by Riva’s VP of Strategy and Product Marketing, Betsy Peters. She will be joined by insurance industry veterans, Emily Bennett and Bob King to talk about how you can leverage CRM to help build trust and business value, how technology has transformed industry compliance, and how the best insurance advisors implement…

Tech for Superhuman Sales Success with Tony Hughes

Today’s episode is hosted by Riva’s VP of Sales, Ken Lorenz. He will be talking to Tony Hughes, author of Tech-Powered Sales: Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills, about the importance of Technology Quotient to sales team success, leading your sales team into the fourth industrial revolution, and how to elevate your sales performance to superstar status….

Customer Insights at Your Fingertips with Nirav Doctor, Director of Product Management for Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud

Today’s episode is hosted by Riva’s VP of Sales, Ken Lorenz. He will be talking with the Director of Product Management for Financial Services Cloud at Salesforce, Nirav Doctor; and they discuss the current state & future promises of customer data integration, what’s driving innovation at Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and 3-year trends in Data,…

Supercharge Your CRM with Aldo and Stephane Zanoni

Using CRM to Empower Teams with Aldo Zanoni and Stephane Zanoni For this episode of the Rev-Tech Revolution podcast, Aldo Zanoni, the CEO of Riva, is talking to Stephane Zanoni, Aldo’s son and CTO of Riva, about how organizations use CRM to improve customer service, and how being a family founded CRM integration company drives…