Riva is revenue data operations designed specifically to help IT/Ops teams make their communication and revenue applications work together. Our platform's data modeling, delivery, and governance features make it the engine that powers over 200 blue-chip companies in regulated industries like Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices.

Built for Customer and Deal Data

Riva was built for the unique qualities (and enormous quantities) of customer and deal data and, for organizations who have long enduring relationships with their customers. Our secure pass-through software connects the major platforms used by Go-To-Market teams – specifically the devices, files, databases, and systems in communications stacks and revenue stacks.

Using automation (and in some solutions, human intelligence) Riva curates the data to ensure the capture and storage of unified revenue data. The platform has also automated governance to ensure that this unified revenue data is delivered to the right people in the right workflows at the right time.

Built for the Demands of Enterprise Customers

The Riva Engine was designed for the power, flexibility, scale, and compliance demanded by customers in regulated industries like Finance and Pharmaceuticals. Whether you are using one of our solutions, or designing your own, our time-tested library of configurations will allow you to efficiently tap into automations that collect, unify, and govern data to be efficiently delivered to the applications that need it, when they need it. In just one of our deployments, Riva is unifying contact and calendar data in real-time for over 25,000 individuals.

Built to Support Your Go-To-Market Teams

As IT and Operations professionals, you are not revenue data experts, but your end users are relying on you to deliver the data that drives digital transformation. Riva automates friction out of user workflows to increase productivity. Riva automations unify and store data in a way that yields real intelligence to analytics packages and other critical workflows for revenue planning, acceleration, and customer engagement. Finally, Riva Insight sidebar helps create a continuous improvement loop that promotes quality and trust in data.

Toolkit Essentials

Your customer and deal data needs to be unified between your system of action and your system of record. Riva delivers powerful automations in the background to make that happen and a sidebar UX connects the two - to deliver data trust and transform customer lifetime value.

Riva Sync

Our pass-through architecture integrates customer and deal data behind the scenes to connect your system of action to your system of record.

Riva Insight

Riva Insight is a revenue ops sidebar that brings CRM into Outlook and combines human intelligence and automation to create data trust.

Riva Bookings

Hate the process of scheduling a meeting? Riva Insight sidebar has a powerful bookings feature built to spec for our most demanding enterprise clients.

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