What Bookings Does For You

Looking for frictionless user experience?

With Riva’s global setting feature, you can pull all booking users’ preferences, such as default availability, to free up your time for more valuable things like interacting with customers.

Working with different meeting apps?

Riva Bookings integrates with a wide range of meeting platforms. Teams and Zoom meetings are available out of the box, and other online meetings like Webex can be supported via our "other" option.

Need multiple ways to approve meetings?

With Riva Bookings, you can approve meetings manually or automatically. The automatic workflow improves efficiency, while the meeting organizer's approval adds another layer of increased security.

Do admins book meetings?

With the meeting host delegation function, end users such as executive assistants are empowered to create meeting links on behalf of non-users or anyone who needs to stay focused on business and revenue goals.

Hoping to differentiate required and optional attendees?

Riva separates optional attendees from required internal attendees. Optional attendees are invited to meetings to stay informed, but their calendar availability doesn’t determine meeting times.

Concerned about your privacy?

Riva Bookings does not store meeting data such as subject, description, attachment, date, or time, unlike other solutions on the market. The only detail stored is the meeting ID. Before taking further cancellation or rescheduling actions, Riva matches emails to avoid potential fraud and security concerns.

Require Single Sign On? 

Riva’s booking solution is developed as a Microsoft Enterprise application and has built-in single sign-on (SSO), resulting in a seamless setup and user management experience. It also allows you to add multiple users simultaneously by adding a group.

Looking for flexible deployment methods?

Riva offers hybrid deployment methods with AWS. Organizations can choose to have their bookings instance deployed on Riva's cloud AWS environment or directly on their own cloud environment—providing complete control over your infrastructure.

Want your brand on all bookings UX?

Riva provides highly flexible brand customization in color, logo, and privacy or security disclaimer.

Looking For More Information on Riva Bookings and Which Toolkit Is Right for You?

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