What Bookings Does For You

Deliver frictionless user experience

With Riva’s global setting feature, you can pull all booking users’ preferences, such as default availability, to free up your time for more valuable things like interacting with customers. Let prospects and customers connect with you directly from Outlook through your dedicated signature link.

Tailor calendar availability to your needs

Choose between multi-use and single-use availability links, enabling you to tailor the time slots when you are available to meet and preventing double bookings. In addition, Riva separates optional and required internal attendees, where only the calendar availability for required ones is used to determine meeting times.

Brand the entire scheduling experience

Riva provides highly flexible brand customization in color, logo, and privacy or security disclaimer. Add custom questions to availability links, allowing you to collect valuable information from customers and personalize the booking experience, increasing engagement and driving sales.

Adapt to complex meeting bookings processes

Meeting host delegation empowers users such as executive assistants to create meeting links on behalf of anyone who needs to stay focused on business and revenue goals. As well, meeting approval can be manual or automatic, so you can choose whether to improve efficiency or add another layer of security.

Support flexible deployment and integrations

Riva offers hybrid deployment methods with AWS, either on Riva's cloud AWS environment or directly on your own cloud environment for more control. Meet your customers wherever they are with integrations for a wide range of meeting platforms – including Teams and Zoom – and an “other” option for everything else.

Ensure enterprise-grade privacy and compliance

Riva Bookings is a Microsoft Enterprise application and has built-in single sign-on (SSO) for a seamless setup and user management experience. Unlike other scheduling solutions, Riva only stores the meeting ID and requires an email match to cancel or reschedule meetings, avoiding potential fraud and security concerns.

We’re Here to Help. We Make Meetings Scheduling Seamless.

We understand the process of researching and choosing the right scheduling solution is a challenge. That’s why we’re here. Talk to one of our Riva specialists today to experience the power of seamless and secure booking workflows.