What Insight Does for You:

Tired of task switching?

You'll be amazed at how much editing and creation can be done right from the Insight sidebar. Insight even flags contacts that are not in CRM prompting capture and creation in one seamless process.

Done with the hassle of booking a meeting?

Riva Insight includes robust booking features with multiple availability links, internal participant availability, delegate support, and more.

Emailing a client?

Insight will surface prior communications, meetings during which the client’s needs were discussed, and who’s already working to address sales or customer service topics.

Researching a client?

Insight will surface information on teammates and other employees who’ve had previous interactions or communications with or about the contact.

Missing a meeting attendee in CRM?

Insight allows you to improve CRM data quality, updating records and filling gaps - without leaving your inbox or calendar environment.

Need customized views by role, individual, or custom object?

The Insight sidebar is configurable by your Riva administrators so tailored views that fit the needs of your varied teams are no problem.

We’re Here to Help. We Make Revenue Operations Easier

We understand the process of researching and choosing the right revenue data ops solution is a challenge. That’s why we’re here. Talk to one of our Riva specialists today to find the rev ops solution you need to connect your revenue and communications data—and start leveraging the full potential of your CRM.