What Insight Does for You:

Tired of task switching?

Insight makes it easy to edit and update CRM records right from Outlook. The integrated Riva Copilot monitors customer data, scrapes contact data from email, and flags contacts not in CRM, seamlessly improving CRM data quality, keeping records up-to-date, and filling data gaps - without leaving your inbox or calendar environment.

Done with the hassle of manual meeting scheduling?

Riva Insight includes fully-integrated, robust booking features with single-use and reusable availability links, team scheduling with host delegation, and more – making meeting scheduling a breeze.

Researching a client?

Say good-bye to lengthy, manual customer research. Insight easily surfaces prior communications, meetings during which the client’s needs were discussed, and who in your organization is already working to address sales or customer service topics.

Want to make your day a success?

Insight My Day makes it easier to manage your day: seamlessly view all upcoming meetings, easily identify untracked or not-yet-synced meetings, and join all your online meetings in a click. Set your teams up for success while ensuring that the data that matters is captured.

Interacting with many clients?

Effortlessly optimize your outreach, automate complex client nurturing communication, and enhance customer engagement with messages that resonate. The new Riva Sales Engagement capabilities, fully integrated in the Insight side panel, help you elevate the impact of your communications – at scale. Contact us to learn about this early access program.

Need customized views by role, individual, or custom object?

The Insight side panel is configurable by your Riva administrators so tailored views that fit the needs of your varied teams – ensuring the right data to the right person at the right time and in the right context – are no problem.

We’re Here to Help. We Make Revenue Operations Easier

We understand the process of researching and choosing the right revenue data ops solution is a challenge. That’s why we’re here. Talk to one of our Riva specialists today to find the rev ops solution you need to connect your revenue and communications data—and start leveraging the full potential of your CRM.