Getting customer data right is mission-critical for everyone from your advisors and managers to your IT team and CISO. Unfortunately, as the importance of customer data grows free solutions become less viable in complex enterprise environments.

That is where Riva comes in. We built the Riva Relationship Engine to deliver a true Customer 360 between the email and calendar products of Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google.

The Riva Relationship Engine

Our Relationship Engine is what differentiates Riva Sync and Riva Insight from our competitors. This data operations platform collects, conditions, and curates customer data from Outlook, Exchange, and Gmail to make customer relationship management in Salesforce more powerful.

It is why Riva can scale to support 150,000 simultaneous users and north of 5 million calendar appointments per month in real-time. And, the Riva Relationship Engine ensures that we can apply enterprise-specific rules to create secure, private, and compliant data flows between Salesforce and these email and calendar applications - whether you've deployed them in the cloud or on-premises.

Our solutions work together to seamlessly and securely give your team the relevant information it needs to win customers – and build enterprise success.  

Replace Salesforce for Outlook

As Salesforce moves toward full product retirement in 2023, Riva provides options.

Make Lightning Scheduler More Powerful

Riva helps to deliver inbound appointments across multiple calendar applications, at scale.

Evaluating Vendors? Our Checklist Will Help.

While selecting a CRM sync solution may sound simple, there is much to consider. Download this free guide to make sure you are framing the search by asking all of the questions that matter.