It’s not enough in this ‘age of the customer’ to hold people’s money. Customers expect their financial institutions to be proactive – to use customer intelligence to anticipate their needs and preemptively offer solutions that can improve their financial situation and help them plan for the future. Customers want to feel important; they want to feel valued. And they want it all right now.

That’s why this global leader in the Insurance Industry turned to Riva. Riva’s customer data operations platform ensures they can deliver the intelligence required to anticipate their customer’s financial needs and create high customer value – all while meeting stringent security and privacy requirements.


With close to 12,000 users and a hybrid and complex environment, this institution needed a solution that would mold to fit its unique requirements. That’s where Riva came in.

When they initially approached Riva, they needed an integration solution that would sync their customer data between their Salesforce calendars and their current email system, IBM Notes. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they knew they would be migrating shortly from IBM Notes to Exchange. It was crucial to find a data operations platform that would help them through the migration process – allowing them to maintain access to their crucial CRM information from their current and future email systems from anywhere, on any device – including mobile – at any time.

Maintaining a consistent and high level of customer service while going through their migration was top of mind for this client. Their customers rely on their systems to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so their services had to remain available at all times.

The financial institution also needed to have instances of both cloud and on-premises while ensuring they were able to meet all of their security and privacy requirements. Even the possibility of potentially breaching customer data was enough to deter this institution from looking at other sync solutions. That’s when they turned to Riva.

Riva was implemented and smoothly transitioned this institution through its email migration. They implemented a customized sync solution for their unique needs by creating custom field mapping and custom record types. They also needed to enable account share so that more than one user could access specific accounts, as well as custom attachments, so that if an email with an attachment needed to be carried over to their Salesforce system, that was completely feasible without any data being seen or stored elsewhere.

Riva’s regional data storage also played into this financial institution’s ability to maintain their customer’s privacy and security. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, Riva can provide organizations with 55 availability zones in 18 geographic regions to meet security requirements, including but not limited to GDPR, for example.

This is just one of the reasons why so many banks choose Riva as their sync solution.


This Fortune 100 Insurer is now benefiting from the ability to see calendar appointments in both their email system and CRM on the go or at the office. The peace of mind that they will always have their customer’s information at their fingertips. In a 90-day period, they created more than 1.5 million appointments and updated more than 5 million appointments in that same time period while synching close to nine thousand emails.

Because of the ability to see customer intelligence in the user’s email, they can offer products suited toward the individual customers – from insurance to reduced mortgage rates – CRM users can better offer exactly what the customer is looking for instead of blindly offering services they don’t need.

They now benefit from:

  • bi-directional calendar sync between Salesforce and Exchange;
  • real-time email sync to Salesforce;
  • attachment sync from Exchange to Salesforce;
  • account share (enabling multiple users to manage an account);
  • custom field mapping;
  • custom record types;
  • custom case creation via email.

This financial institution can now extend value throughout the entire customer journey, making sure to reach out at specific touchpoints throughout the journey for the best possible results, thanks to Riva.

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