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As an early Salesforce adopter, this leading bank understood the importance of investing in a proven technology platform with a strong partner ecosystem to enable its customer-centric approach to improve customer interactions and creating life-long relationships with high-value clients.

In its initial search, the bank identified Riva as the leading calendar integration solution among peer banks. After further investigation and a proof-of-concept, the institution determined Riva had the proven capabilities to meet the bank’s InfoSec-mandated scalability, security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance requirements. Riva’s flexibility to meet the bank’s Outlook and Salesforce integration requirements and user expectations were key prerequisites to delivering a highly successful Salesforce implementation. The bank understood the high expectations of the proposed 1,400 sales, traders, advisors, investment bankers, and executives across all 10 lines of business, which is why it selected Tier1 Financial Solutions and Riva to align its specific requirements and help its people work in smarter, more agile ways.

Delivering a Single View of Customer Journeys

Reliable and scalable integration between Salesforce and Outlook is key to delivering a single shared view of customer relationships and journeys. Salesforce Lightning Sync, Einstein Activity Capture, and other integration options were unable to meet the full range of this institution’s security, compliance, scalability, data privacy, and performance requirements. Gaps between Salesforce, Outlook, and mobile meant team members risked not having access to the client interaction information their clients expected agents to have.

Prior to implementing Riva, client-facing team members were frustrated by not having a single source of truth for customer meetings, conversations, and relationships. People were frustrated with having to do double data entry for meetings, calendar events, and entering contact details in Outlook and Salesforce, not to mention forwarding individual client meetings to provide cross-asset team coverage.

Valuable time was wasted by users having to flip-flop between systems. Not having reliability caused significant frustration for staff who wanted to focus on building client relationships rather than doing data entry work and building manual reports. Things that should have been easy such as logging a meeting’s type and purpose and sending emails to multiple clients – including newsletters or research materials – were overly complex and unreliable. Clumsy and frustrating manual processes resulted in users, managers, and executives lacking confidence in the reliability of the data being gathered in Salesforce.

Immediate Impact and Results

This financial institution saw an immediate increase in the quality and accuracy of its call reports and reliability of client data in Salesforce.

Director, CRM Strategy explains, “With Riva in place, our teams’ decisions, initiatives, plans, and customer-journey priorities were able to be based on reliable, relevant, and up-to-date Salesforce data. Automated Call Reports, improved meeting analytics, better reporting, and advanced client engagement intelligence provide value to executives and customer-facing staff. Having a single view of client interactions and relationships across multiple teams and team members provides cross-team selling opportunities that are critical to our bank’s future – and a core expectation of today’s clients.”

After its first year with Riva, the bank realized the full benefits of:

  • Automated Call Reports

Core to the bank’s ability to scale its success was to leverage technology to replace long-standing, time-consuming manual processes. Automating email to Call Report creation was this bank’s first priority. With Riva, users no longer needed to manually create and associate Call Reports in Salesforce. Riva and Automated Call Reports:

      • enhanced confidence at all levels (advisor, team manager, business unit manager, executives, and bank as a whole) in the quality and quantity of data being logged in Salesforce to support growth initiatives and client priorities;
      • ensured all meetings were automatically visible and up to date in Outlook, Salesforce, and mobile clients;
      • a 1000% increase in call reports that were created in Salesforce resulted in improved decision-making and meeting outcomes;
      • automatically created and logged tens of thousands of meetings (400,000+) to better see where agents were spending their time;
      • automatically created and assigned Call Reports against tens of thousands of active contacts (300,000+) and related accounts and relationships identifying data gaps and allowing prioritization of efforts to support high net-worth clients;
      • automatically created thousands (50,000+) of new meeting-related contacts with proper assignments to accounts in Salesforce which allows for a realistic view of the make-up of the bank’s client base to better serve its clients;
      • automatically logged and associated more than 10,000 emails as completed tasks in Salesforce reinforcing the institution’s continued commitment to client excellence.
  • Data Confidentiality and PrivacyRequirements Above and Beyond the Salesforce Defaults

Riva immediately improved the financial institution’s client privacy, data sharing, and ability to meet strict financial service compliance and security regulations across its multiple business units. Based on team memberships and roles, Riva provides enhanced confidentiality of meeting attendee and content information by enforcing access based on public or private groups managed in Salesforce. Global Markets has a larger, shared, more public approach to data access. Investment Banking, which includes mergers and acquisitions, and has higher confidentiality requirements because of the sensitive information and projects they are entrusted with, have a more restricted and private data sharing model. Riva ensures that meetings set as confidential or private in Outlook are only visible in Salesforce to people directly associated with that meeting or event.

  • Automated Processes Deliver Improved Manager Reporting and Executive Confidence in Revenue Projections

Automated Email to Call Reports (10 times more logged reports), meeting classifications (400,000+), and relationship mapping (across 300,000+ active contacts) allowed for improved executive dashboards, compliance reporting, automated billing reports, and improved confidence in revenue and growth projections. Shining the light on otherwise “hidden data” allowed the bank to create new executive reports and analyses, based on always up-to-date and accurate client interaction data. Better than ever before, the bank was able to quantify the results of the time and effort spent acquiring and improving relationships with high-value clients and the related revenue and growth opportunities. Improved metrics and reporting allowed the bank to determine trends, provide more reliable revenue projections, establish priorities for future initiatives, and focus on adding the most value for its clients.

  • Always Up-To-Date Calendars and Contacts Between Salesforce and Outlook (Exchange, On-Premise)

The sales and banking team members no longer have to worry about their calendars not being accurate. They appreciate that Riva keeps their Salesforce and Outlook calendars always up to date – in both directions. Riva’s flexibility allows them to send and log bulk emails to lists or contacts and Salesforce custom objects without having to waste time picking and choosing individual contacts from their Outlook address books!

  • Full Support for Mobile Devices

Riva allows users to trust the accuracy of their calendar and Salesforce contact information on all mobile devices. When writing emails and working on their mobile devices, being able to see which contacts are in Salesforce and having access to the right relationship information when they need it, allows advisors to provide the professionalism clients expect.

Built for Today – Ready for the Future

“Riva has helped us be successful across our multiple business units,” continues the Director of CRM Strategy. “We continue to work with Riva to implement new features and functionality that improve our best practices. Riva’s automation helps bring about behavior change to build better customer journeys. Riva improves our ability to meet compliance requirements across our global business units and present a more sophisticated and transparent experience for our clients. With Riva as part of our solution, we continue to achieve and execute on our high-level, client-centric success, priorities, and digital transformation.”

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