Before implementing Riva, this financial services pillar couldn’t provide and leverage full Salesforce Customer 360 visibility into their client accounts. This created gaps in capturing client engagement intelligence and harmed their users’ ability to create customer loyalty through improved customer experiences.

They looked to Riva to overcome the gaps and challenges experienced with the default Salesforce and Exchange integration options to meet their requirements. They wanted a solution to seamlessly and securely sync Salesforce, calendar, and email conversations and interactions with their customers. Bankers, advisors, and wealth managers were looking to benefit from a 360-degree view of customer interactions to enable them to provide consistent and highly personalized customer experiences, develop a deeper level of trust, and increase lifetime customer value.


With millions of customers, this bank is continuously looking to create new relationships, improve existing relationships, and grow the lifetime customer value of high net-worth individuals. Being able to access customer interaction details and accessing and understanding the relevance of up-to-date Customer 360 knowledge were key objectives across the entire organization. They needed to leverage secure and proven technology to scale and ensure their staff could provide the most timely and strategic financial advice for their customers.

Before implementing Riva, staff members had to remember to enter client interaction details in their email and calendar client (Microsoft Exchange) and their CRM (Salesforce). Swivel-chairing between the two systems left them open to the risk of human error, inaccurate and missing data, and security and compliance regulation concerns.

Because customer-facing staff interacts primarily with their customers through email and meetings, data gaps grew between the client information available in their two core systems. These gaps created challenges for frontline staff who couldn’t provide their high net-worth clients’ hyper-personalized experience. Sales managers lacked visibility into relevant data, which left them unable to accurately track trends and KPIs or make strategic decisions on data they could trust.

From the perspective of sales and Line-of-Business executives, managers, and customer-facing staff, this organization ended up not trusting that their Salesforce calendar or Outlook calendar was up-to-date and accurate. This often resulted in double-booked appointments, and time wasted determining which bankers were available for meetings, and annoyed clients.


Before implementing Riva, this financial services institution struggled to trust the calendar, client, and meeting data that lived in their siloed email and Salesforce systems.

With 12,000 Salesforce users, they needed a proven solution to harmonize the massive amount of client data they gathered daily between Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce. Being a financial institution, it was critical to ensure any solution they implemented would scale and meet data privacy, security, and compliance requirements – for all of their business units.

With Riva’s help and its seamless and automated data sync, business flows and processes were streamlined for bankers. Bankers and advisors were thrilled that they no longer had to swivel-chair between two systems.

With Riva, the institution, its bankers, wealth managers, and advisors can trust the accuracy of its recurring events, email tracking, meeting privacy, and delegate tracking. Admin assistants and support staff can manage calendars without fear that their teams’ calendars don’t reflect the most up-to-date and accurate information. Riva delivered a huge increase in their teams’ ability to improve client interactions and benefit from trustworthy meeting-related sales and activity metrics.

Teams and managers now have a consolidated view of customer engagement within Salesforce – with full visibility in Outlook. This includes access to relevant, up-to-date client engagement information related to customer requests, plans, incidents, and immediate needs, allowing the team to position itself to make better-informed decisions for their clients.


Riva’s efficient, real-time data processing allows this bank to ensure the right data gets to the right people, at the right time, on the right device – the way their users want and expect it – every minute of every day. Individual teams and the financial institution can better acquire, retain, and grow customer accounts.

Client-facing advisors and consultants finally have visibility and access to rich Salesforce client email, meeting, and event activity data they can trust – directly in their email account. And with quick-connect links, users can go directly to Salesforce to continue to build and benefit from the full Customer 360 experience.

Collaboration has never been better between bankers and wealth managers who share accounts and opportunities. Their teams are now confident in their ability to manage meetings better. They can view meeting metrics, which helps improve meeting outcomes. These insights also help surface coaching opportunities.

This bank and its 12,000 users now benefit from:

  • Intelligently sync of calendar events across multiple platforms;
  • Advanced appointment classification and email logging against Salesforce contacts, accounts, and opportunities;
  • A Customer 360 view of client interactions in Salesforce and users’ inbox;
  • Improved meeting outcomes and deeper client knowledge;
  • Increased visibility and productivity with an at-a-glance snapshot of complete email conversation threads with clients in Salesforce. No need to sift through dozens of individual emails to get a clear and up-to-date client interaction picture;
  • Automatic creation of new accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, quotes from Exchange to Salesforce;
  • Busy/available search and private calendar blocking, which ensures private meeting details are not shared and prevents double-booking;
  • Improved metrics and reporting.

This financial institution and its users really appreciate that Riva delivered more than just your average sync solution. Riva’s applied intelligence allows for seamless and reliable synchronization. It ensures the most relevant Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, opportunities, and custom objects and fields are integrated with their email and calendaring system. Riva harmonizes data according to this organization’s multiple business units’ specific business needs and expectations. Staff and customers are experiencing a notable difference!

“Riva has helped us mitigate the risk of losing the trust of our valuable high net-worth clients. Our bankers and wealth managers no longer waste time toggling between systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing our clients with stellar customer experience and a very personalized customer journey at every touchpoint with our organization.”

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