Intelligent & Scalable Sync

Entering data in multiple systems – like Goldmine, email, calendar, and other applications – distracts your selling staff from serving your customers and puts your data integrity at risk. Riva's works automatically in the background to connect customer data without disrupting workflows. It is tailored to your unique environment and workflows – no matter how complex. Riva scales with your business and we’ve designed it to be simple to administer.

Shore Up Your Data Security

Unlike other sync solutions, Riva has robust data security built into its core. It's designed not to cache or store any private information – ever. Our pass-through architecture puts you in control of what each team member sees so they have access to the client data they need – when they need it – protecting your customer's privacy and keeping your enterprise in compliance.

Riva Delivers – Every Time

We're a passionate team. We have the technical, business, and industry insight to fix what's broken, keep your data safe, help your sellers grow business, and help you sidestep common integration mistakes. Our experts and award-winning success team are available to help as much – or as little – as you need.

Evaluating Revenue Data Solutions

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