There’s a reason Bank Hapoalim is the largest bank in Israel: because of the trust and value it’s earned with clients.

Founded in 1921, they have an extensive network of branches and commercial activities across all areas of banking and three main divisions: Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, and Financial Markets and International Banking. The group also operates overseas and maintains connections with banks globally.


Bank Hapoalim’s financial advisors needed instant access to client data – at any hour across the globe. The bank’s data was siloed in different systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange, protected by multiple firewalls.

Advisors had to switch back and forth between systems to get their jobs done. All of this took time – way too much time – and all the data chasing detracted from serving clients and building deeper relationships.

The bank chose Salesforce as its CRM solution for its flexibility, ease of use, and security. Salesforce flexes to the bank’s business needs – allowing them to create custom data flows, fields, mapping, and views.

When selecting a solution to connect their Salesforce and Exchange platforms, there was a lot for the team to consider.

Of course, the bank’s IT and InfoSec leaders wanted to alleviate the challenges of the business team. But there were many additional requirements that their sync choice had to meet. Among the most important was the ability to scale, maintain tight control over security, and ensure they met regulatory compliance requirements to prevent data breaches.

They quickly found that the off-the-shelf sync options had difficulty meeting their complex enterprise security, scalability, and compliance requisites.


That’s when Bank Hapoalim’s Salesforce implementation partner introduced them to Riva’s customer data ops solution – the Riva Relationship Engine – to connect Salesforce and Exchange.

Much like Salesforce, Riva is a robust solution that is secure, highly customizable, scalable, easy to use, and comes with a proven track record.

Riva’s intelligent sync was just what the bank needed. That’s because the Riva Relationship Engine creates true interoperability between Salesforce, calendars, and inbox for enterprise organizations in regulated industries.

The team at Bank Hapoalim was confident that they identified a sync solution that could satisfy the needs of the business and keep pace with their complex sync requirements – securely and at scale.


The productivity of Bank Hapoalim’s advisors is on the upswing. Riva equips the team with a simple, seamless, and reliable way to access their client data – enabling them to trust Salesforce as their single source of truth and create smarter exchanges with high-value clients.

The bank’s advisors can now quickly understand their clients, provide expert guidance and advice, and offer the best-suited products and services to help them on their path to financial freedom.

Bank Hapoalim’s advisors are thrilled with Riva’s ability to see the client data they need to move relationships forward – and at just the right time – making every customer interaction an encore. Their business leaders are impressed with the accuracy of dashboards, the enhanced ability to track team KPIs, and the improvements in reporting, visibility, and understanding pipeline. Riva even helps the bank’s business leaders to create targeted team compensation with its reliable automation of key data.

The bank’s IT leaders understand the beauty and value of Riva’s highly sophisticated rules-based architecture that respects its complex business rules and regulatory protocols.

Bank Hapoalim’s IT staff can focus on other development priorities because Riva provides comprehensive data operations and mature, proven integration that doesn’t require stand-alone desktop applications or mobile apps. They are pleased with Riva’s stable automation and robust features that don’t detract from system uptime. The IT team spends less of their time assigning and monitoring individual access levels. They can now control access down to a granular level for every employee right from the Riva dashboard. The bank’s InfoSec leader appreciates how Riva connects data across systems without ever storing it, allowing their data to flow and surface in native applications – giving employees the authority and autonomy to perform without risking data security and setting off regulatory alarms.

Productivity and customer satisfaction are the real measures of Riva’s success at Bank Hapoalim. The team uses Riva’s Track in CRM for Salesforce to improve flexibility in assigning and classifying email and calendar events – including attachments – to specific or unrelated accounts.

With Riva Sync and Riva Insight, Bank Hapoalim has the best of both worlds – fully leveraging Outlook and Salesforce to do what each platform does best! Users have quick summary views from Outlook into Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities, and other relevant CRM data. With a single click or tap, advisors can access all the Salesforce data on a client. Users can track, categorize, and classify calendars, tasks, meetings, opportunities, and emails directly in Outlook desktop or mobile applications.

Bank Hapoalim can now provide a higher standard of customer care with the ability to:

  • see invited participants’ RSVPs in Salesforce as well as in Outlook;
  • update external Outlook meeting subject, attendees, and content in Outlook and have these reflected in Salesforce as separate fields from the internal meeting preparation fields;
  • sync and classify emails, meetings, and related attachments from Outlook to Salesforce and relate those emails to the relevant entity (e.g., contact, account, account group, opportunity);
  • select the relevant account(s) an email will be related to for contacts related to multiple accounts;
  • attach an email from/to or a meeting to a person who is not a contact in the system;
  • Attach an email to a contact who is not part of the email senders or recipients;
  • share meeting notes with other users;
  • only view emails in Salesforce based on user permissions to the parent object (e.g., account, opportunity, contact)

The team at Bank Hapoalim now has smarter exchanges, greater efficiency, and stronger relationships, thanks to Riva.

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