Riva powers business relationships through an intelligent sync engine that creates interoperability between email, calendars, and CRM.

The work we do behind the scenes gives your colleagues access to the data they need to craft strategies, to improve offers, and to support teammates. It also keeps you off regulators’ watch lists by ensuring that access to customer data remains secure and compliant.

Our Relationship Engine is a rules-based pass-through architecture that puts your customer data into context and ensures that it fits your enterprise requirements – without requiring Riva to store it.

How it Works

Data Conditioning and Curation

Riva captures and contextualizes millions of data points from business applications like email, calendar events, contacts, and tasks. Once data is retrieved we clean it, standardize attributes, and add metadata to deliver greater meaning and relevance.

Rules-Based Data Flows

After the data is conditioned and curated, Riva creates secure, scalable data flows to intelligently sync information between CRM and email platforms like Outlook, Exchange, and Google Workspace. These flows are created with respect for the complex business rules required in regulated industries and large corporations.

True Application Interoperability

These steps allow Riva to become the seamless conduit that intelligently connects disparate platforms. With the Relationship Engine in the background, the applications that rely on your customer data are synchronized to support your teams and customers.

Solutions Powered by the Riva Engine

Riva Sync

We specialize in syncing customer data between the most heavily used CRMs and email platforms to keep address books, calendars, inboxes, and tasks up to date across large organizations. We’ve served thousands of customers and are not afraid to wrestle with the important edge cases to make sure your software is trusted by employees and customers alike.

Riva Insight

Need to track conversations, meetings, or tasks by relationship? The Riva Insight sidebar surfaces customer data stored in your CRM so it is visible in the daily course of managing relationships. No matter if you are composing emails, creating meeting agendas, attendee lists, or following up on next steps, Insight eliminates application switching and increases effectiveness.

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