From day one, Mölnlycke’s digital transformation strategy’s key requirement was to ensure the right data from their two critical systems (with a focus on calendar data) was up to date and available to the right people all the time. When Mölnlycke implemented Office 365 and Veeva CRM (Life Sciences CRM solution built on the Salesforce platform), they knew their users needed to be 100% confident that calendar changes made in either system would automatically appear in the other system. In the healthcare sector – a huge and growing market – there are stringent regulations related to which client personal data can be stored and how systems can be stored. A high standard of customer care is crucial while enabling Mölnlycke’s sales reps to pursue their customer email communication and calendar interactions while meeting Mölnlycke’s stringent data privacy, security, and compliance requirements.

Since 2014, Mölnlycke has used Riva Cloud. Their users love how Riva “automagically” synchronizes and harmonizes data between Veeva and Office 365 and how it allows them to use their mobile and other email and calendaring apps to keep on top of their customer interactions. Management and the Veeva team love how this has increased user satisfaction, improved metrics, trend analysis, reporting, and Veeva adoption.


The global healthcare CRM market is expected to reach $28.89 billion by 2026, growing at a compounded annual rate of 16.6%, according to Stratistics Market Research Consulting in its recent “Healthcare CRM – Global Market Outlook (2017-2026)” report. Mölnlycke recognized the need for a healthcare-customized CRM system in 2014. Veeva has been one of the key assets the company has used to pursue its mission of designing and supplying medical solutions to enhance healthcare performance – from the hospital to the home.

The platform, as part of the Salesforce “Ohana,” enables scalability, flexibility, and collaboration. Veeva CRM is built on the Salesforce platform because of its ability to enable scalability, flexibility, and collaboration. Veeva extends these advantages to the life sciences and healthcare sector while providing deep industry-specific functionality in their Life Sciences vertical CRM solution. With Veeva CRM, Mölnlycke leverages Veeva’s industry-specific innovation and Salesforce’s leadership in the enterprise cloud and social enterprise realms.

After migrating from their former email system to Office 365 to better align with their cloud strategies, Mölnlycke realized that Salesforce’s default options might not meet their growing needs for increased flexibility and increasing data privacy, compliance, and security needs.

The company tested the free solutions provided by Salesforce for email, calendar, and related data integration. Having numerous sales offices and people spread worldwide, it was quickly realized that the default Salesforce options weren’t going to meet their integration needs. Installation, configuration, and maintenance on each desktop and mobile device was a dealbreaker. On top of that, Mölnlycke needed improved flexibility and control over which data was being synchronized because of increasing data privacy regulation and compliance requirements in the healthcare sector. They knew they had to exceed their security requirements and chose Riva to securely synchronize and harmonize customer data without storing any of that data outside of their systems.


After reviewing the options, Mölnlycke chose to implement a trial with Riva Cloud. A plan for a proof of concept was established. Over the two-week period, all test scenarios were completed.

The decision was made to go live with Riva Cloud because it exceeded their core expectations and requirements. It provided an ideal platform to continue their digital transformation journey. Riva Cloud provides Mölnlycke secure, reliable Synchronization-as-a-Service – out-of-the-box – with the flexibility to meet specific sync, data harmonization, privacy-based calendaring, and business flow requirements across all of their 426 users and their multiple business units and geographies.

The company worked with the Riva Client Engagement Team to review and implement best practices to apply advanced filters to ensure the configuration met their needs.

“Whenever we ran into issues, the support team was always there. They have been great. They really make an effort to solve the problem, not just closing the issue,” describes Mark Lagerström, CRM Service Owner.

With Riva, Mölnlycke benefits from synchronizing and data harmonization of their Veeva CRM contacts, calendars, and tasks with their email applications on any device. Mölnlycke synchronizes calendar data between Veeva CRM and Office 365 – including recurring events, managed resource calendars, and allows them to fine-tune sync business flows. One source of client data truth allowed Mölnlycke staff to focus on the customer journey across their entire organization, supplying the best medical solutions to enhance healthcare performance.

“Our sales reps are mainly using iPads and our Veeva solution, but they are also using their Outlook calendar, which is fetching their calendar items from our Office 365. Our sales managers and non-field employees also use this information to plan meetings with our sales team. The solution we were looking for was mainly to sort out the problem of getting the salesperson’s planned visits booked in Veeva into a visible setup for our Office 365,” adds Mr. Lagerström.


The decision to purchase Riva Cloud for synchronizing calendar information between Veeva and Office 365/Exchange was based on time savings, reducing phone calls, and improving coordination between non-field users and field users. Their outside sales reps are always traveling and use email to communicate with customers and book appointments on the fly. Mölnlycke’s internal users, many of whom enter customer-related information into Veeva, love how they can continue to use their default Veeva or Outlook calendar to schedule and manage appointments for outside sales reps.

Riva helped Mölnlycke fill the gap between Veeva and Office 365. It ensures all employees have the right information, at the right time, on the right screens – wherever they are located or traveling.

“It just works. It’s more or less invisible for our end users. Riva is kind of a well-captured secret at Mölnlycke.” says Lagerström.

Mölnlycke has seen a marked increase in Veeva user adoption by adding Riva as a critical edge application component, leading to the success of their CRM implementation and strategy and continued digital transition journey.

“For some of our markets, one of the critical success factors was to have the Outlook / Office 365 calendar displaying the same information as Veeva CRM (Salesforce calendar in real-time. Using Riva has given us that, hence enabled success for the rollout in those markets,” continues Mr. Lagerström.

Mark and the Mölnlycke team were so pleased with Riva that they are looking to leverage Riva’s sync and harmonization options further. They plan to extend the features they use with, in particular, calendar invitation mode and improved email tracking and calendar classification options.

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