This financial institution is proud of its innovative spirit that puts the customer above all else. Changes in global financial regulations continued uncertainty in financial services, and increased competition made it difficult for this megabank to provide the customer-centric experience it had become synonymous with. The bank knew it needed to invest in digital innovation to keep its customer service advantage.

After implementing Salesforce, this bank determined it needed to continue to improve customer engagement and allow its staff and clients to be full participants in delivering the best possible customer journey.

This financial services institution struggled with gaining insight into how its processes and workflows were working to drive value for its customers. The bank understood it needed more and better information to coach its staff to leverage Salesforce better, improve customer engagement, and provide its clients with a better, more focused, customer journey. More reliable and accurate metrics were required about the frequency and types of meetings its bankers had with successful customers.

The bank needed to meet security, privacy, and scalability requirements while improving its customer interactions. It became apparent this megabank needed better data integration between Salesforce and Outlook – a solution that would allow them to gather, discover, analyze, relate, and track meetings and calendar events to get the full picture of what was taking place in the organization.


The bank provides a full offering of corporate trust banking, securities, asset management, and personal banking. While working with its CRM implementation partner, this bank was directed to Riva to meet its advanced customer data synchronization and analytics requirements across multiple business units.

Riva’s flexibility and full support for advanced Salesforce customizations allowed it to meet its specific business goals. These included support for automation and applied intelligence to provide better tracking, matching, analysis, and differentiation of meetings with internal users and/or external contacts. Meetings with different categories for different types of stakeholders needed to be tracked and reported on differently. The bank also needed its users to invite attendees who were not contacts in Salesforce to meetings and track and report on actual meeting attendance rather than just tracking invitations.

With Riva, this financial institution could meet its initial requirements and more. It can now gather instant insight into the business at a level previously unimaginable. Before Riva, it had limited visibility into the activity and effectiveness of its bankers. With Riva, the bank automatically captures appointment metrics the executive team can see immediately. This allows the team to visualize and understand what’s working and not working to develop best practices and coaching opportunities for the bankers.

Bankers’ lives are easier with Riva. Bankers and advisors and assistants don’t need to change the way they do their daily activities. Riva’s advanced calendar intelligence captures important data to visualize meeting frequency, the number of C-level meetings being held, and related meetings to close rates. These metrics go one step further by ensuring more accurate data to determine compensation based on meeting a success, generating a financial incentive for the bankers, and creating improved reporting and metrics right in Salesforce.


By improving the customer journey with Riva’s advanced customizations and flexibility, the bank has improved customer satisfaction and retention and increased sales by attracting new clients.

Riva’s automated intelligent calendar integration and data harmonization have led to coaching on best practices coaching and delivered improved satisfaction and performance by bankers. Riva’s enhanced Salesforce reporting, analytics, and metrics have led to better executive decision-making.

This megabank benefits from:

  • bi-directional calendar integration between Salesforce and Outlook (Exchange);
  • custom meeting types;
  • custom attendee level for meetings;
  • custom meeting purpose type;
  • not synchronizing meetings that are closed;
  • skipping matching of internal contacts;
  • capturing all meeting attendees, even if they are not in Salesforce;
  • advanced meeting reporting metrics and analytics.

Riva has allowed this financial service organization to achieve its goals of offering the best possible customer experience and improving customer retention while continuing its growth and increasing revenue. The bank has the bonus of its users knowing their calendars are always up-to-date, allowing them to provide high-level customer success.

The bank was so pleased with Riva’s success with this initial project; they are looking to leverage Riva to improve other parts of its customer interactions, including contact management, email tracking to opportunities, and email conversation tracking.

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