Creating a Unified View of Customer and Deal Data.

Sometimes, it’s worth taking a step back to focus on customer data integration basics. When your teams generate customer data in Outlook, do you know with absolute confidence you’ll be able to access the essential details from that conversation in Salesforce? In the bigger picture, it seems like a small question. But in practice, the right answer  – knowing that your end-users can get the data they need (and have permission to view) when they need it can be a game-changer. Seeing unified data flow between the applications that Go-To-Market teams use most has a profound impact on data trust throughout the organization. Revenue Data Operations is the next stage of customer data integration – and its role is to ensure trusted data get to systems of action.

Move Your Relationships Forward

If your enterprise hasn’t embraced a revenue data ops solution, the odds are good there are gaps or inaccuracies in your customer data, and important conversations and activities are missing in Salesforce. With heavy workloads and countless emails being sent and received each day, it’s easy to understand how certain emails aren’t manually logged into Salesforce—and how this can cause delays and frustration for sales teams and erode data trust.

Riva Conversation Capture for Salesforce brings disconnected data together

Riva’s Conversation Capture feature helps large organizations give their selling and support staff a Customer 360 view of email conversations in Salesforce, enhance email compliance, and improve customer engagement. It ensures the right information is available at the right time in the right place for customer-facing teams to work more efficiently.

Improve Data Trust and Customer Lifetime Value

For many companies, cross-selling is a critical way to sell deeper into existing customer accounts and increase the lifetime value associated with each client.

Imagine having multiple sales reps reach out to clients without having a clear picture of their customer history: who they are, what their needs are, which products they’ve purchased, what has been discussed, and whether there are pending support tickets. If important email conversations are missing in CRM, this could aggravate the client and erode trust and customer loyalty.

Reduce Manual Email Tracking Time and Increase Productivity 

Many Riva customers use Salesforce to market, sell, and deliver customer support more efficiently by decreasing the amount of time spent manually entering data and hunting for client information.

With Riva’s Conversation Capture feature, Salesforce customers save even more time, increase productivity,  and retain more high-quality and relevant data because users no longer have to track every individual email interaction. Selling teams have more time to prospect, follow up with strategic accounts, and win more deals. Conversation Capture ensures that everyone who engages with a client account has access to the latest email conversations across multiple users.

Conversation Capture tracks and links the email conversation thread from the initial email through every subsequent email and attachment that follows.

Enhance Customer Data Security and Compliance

Highly regulated industries must honor strict security, data privacy, and related compliance standards when keeping track of customer interactions. Datapoint restrictions can be based on industry-specific regulations ensuring they are never communicated or shared.

Conversation Capture helps highly regulated organizations comply with these regulations by securely tracking customer email conversations.

By integrating Riva with your enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution or implementing Riva’s default DLP options, private data is redacted and not synchronized to Salesforce. Salesforce admins control how long email threaded conversations are retained in CRM.

Keep Email Conversations Organized in Salesforce

Your Sales teams will appreciate Conversation Capture’s well-organized view of customer conversations and email attachments across multiple Salesforce users. Your teams can easily view conversation threads at the contract, account, opportunity, case, and customization levels, including the custom object level.

In Salesforce, users can see the initial email logged and drill into the subsequent emails in the thread with a single click. There’s no need to store the growing email content in multiple individual emails in Salesforce. Only the most recent interaction—not the complete email thread—is logged each time, making it easy for customer-facing staff to get the Customer 360 view of insightful conversations without having to wade through all sorts of repetitive information.

Data Trust, Compliance, and Productivity: We Make it Easier.

We understand—Finding the right revenue data ops solution is a challenge. That’s why we are here to help. Talk to one of our specialists today to unify your revenue and communication stacks, build data trust, and make the most out of your CRM.

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