Are you interested in learning techniques to help optimize your CRM? Riva helps organizations improve decision-making, eliminate silos, emphasize intra-company communications, and deliver better customer journeys.

This 20-minute webinar is ideal for Client Engagement Specialists, Digital Transformation Managers, CRM Managers, and Business Analysts within the manufacturing industry who wants to overcome digitalization challenges. We’ll show you how they’re leveraging technology to empower their teams to work smarter, faster, and more securely!

Key Takeaways

In this webinar you’ll hear about:

  • The shift that manufacturers are making towards digital, customer-centric strategies – and why this is important.
  • The key challenges that manufacturers are facing with their CRM processes and how Riva’s technology plays a part in changing that dynamic.
  • How companies are adapting to the pandemic and transforming their work environment.


  1. Digitalization in Manufacturing
  2. Our Mission
  3. Riva & Manufacturing
  4. An Era of Workplace Transformation

Breakdown of Minutes

  • 2:13 – Agenda
  • 2:49 – Digitalization in Manufacturing
  • 3:33 – Silos of Data
  • 6:20 – Sales | CRM Challenges
  • 7:57 – Our Mission
  • 9:18 – Riva & Manufacturing
  • 9:38 – How Riva helps Manufacturing
  • 11:17 –How Riva helps Sales
  • 12:24 – How Riva helps Customer Service
  • 13:57 – Customer Success Story
  • 14:57 – An era of workplace transformation
  • 15:23 – Study / Statistics
  • 15:37 – Significant transformations in the workplace environment
  • 17:24 – Questions

Let's Write a Success Story Together

Making the most of your tech stack isn’t just a good idea: it’s good business. And while streamlining your tech stack necessarily involves a hard look at what you have, it also requires a close look at what you don’t. If you rely on CRM and email, calendar, and contacts platforms, it’s time to take a closer look at the power of Riva revenue data operations to make your revenue and communications data work better.