When organizations neglect relationships, customer experience and satisfaction can flatline.

Many banking and financial services organizations are facing this challenge. Ironically, many have invested in technologies to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, only to realize they’ve damaged their most valuable asset – customer trust – by removing the human experience.

Leveraging the right innovative technologies for your business is key to winning back a place of importance in your customers’ financial lives. Fostering relationship-driven growth requires an emphasis on personalization.

Getting the right data, to the right people, at the right time is vital to delivering a personalized experience that delights your customers and inspires loyalty. How are successful banking and financial services institutions succeeding in this area?

They are adopting innovative technologies that bridge the gaps between their core CRM, calendar, and email platforms to provide an integrated, Customer 360 view of client interactions.

As you embark on new digital initiatives, ask yourself how investing – or not – in “edge” technologies to integrate your core platforms impacts your growth. Is your frontline staff spending too much time waiting for appointments to sync? Are they missing appointments? Are they able to surface the most up-to-date client insights across all your core platforms to identify selling or expand opportunities quickly?

Riva provides seamless integration to connect CRM, calendar, inbox, scheduling apps, and more.

Transparent to end users, Riva is trusted by 15 of the world’s largest banks and 50+ Fortune 500 customers to “get it right – the first time and every time!” We’d love to show you how some top financial institutions worldwide are using Riva to meet their key objectives.

Learn how one of the largest banks in the Middle East uses Riva to ensure its employees are knowledgeable and aware of the needs – and the opportunities – of every customer.

Set your financial institution on a course to stay competitive and win the war of attrition. Contact us today for a free demo and consultation.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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