We all live by our calendars, whether it’s a meeting with a client, lunch with a colleague, or your child’s soccer match. Regardless of whether the appointment is business or personal, you’re obliged to attend, and there can be undesired consequences if you don’t make it.

What Would We Do Without Technology?

That’s why people and companies have turned to online appointment booking apps to simplify and automate scheduling and ensure appointments don’t fall through the gaps.

Why Integration is Key

These apps can be incredibly helpful when multiple people are involved in a meeting or appointment. The real issue arises when these calendar items aren’t synchronized to your CRM system and don’t make it to the screens you need them on.

Selling team members are often compensated and bonused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like the number, type, and duration of meetings.

Not being able to surface this type of information in CRM accurately can lead to disgruntled employees and inaccurate compensation. They waste time with double data entry. The company can’t accurately track patterns that lead to higher win rates and coaching opportunities.

On top of that, there is no accurate tracking for actual meeting attendance or documented summaries of discussion points.

Here’s How Riva Helps

Riva delivers a single, unified calendar view across your calendar applications and devices by integrating your CRM (including custom event objects, fields, and workflows) and email calendar systems, with support for online appointment scheduling apps like TimeTrade, Microsoft FindTime, Doodle, Calendly, and others.

Riva’s ability to provide a unified calendar view across your calendar systems is critical for large banks, insurance companies, and professional services firms that rely heavily on appointments and meetings throughout the buyer journey.

Our Simple and Elegant Design

Riva ensures your CRM and email calendars are in sync and always up to date. It makes sure up-to-date availability is shown in your online appointment booking app to allow customers to find the best time for a meeting. When the appointment appears in your email calendar (or in your CRM depending on how the booking application is configured), Riva syncs meetings to the other system(s), so all three calendars display the same information. It’s scenarios like this that make Riva’s real-time calendar sync becomes invaluable!

Riva improves customer service and makes online appointment scheduling more effective by:

  • increasing productivity: Online appointment booking applications/services help companies generate more leads, reduce schedule-tag, and close business faster. Riva ensures that all calendars are up-to-date and accurate;
  • automating appointment sync: Regardless of where you schedule the appointment, CRM, email, or online booking app, Riva ensures your calendar and CRM are in sync;
  • unifying calendar views: No more concerns about double-booking or missing appointments because your calendar is always accurate with a single, unified view of all appointments;
  • delivering omnichannel scheduling: Riva connects your calendars across desktops, laptops, browsers, mobile devices, and CRMs, making online appointment scheduling apps more useful.

Riva’s ability to sync data across CRM, calendar, and inbox can meet your most stringent calendar sync requirements.

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