This page is specifically about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more general privacy information, see our privacy policy.

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Our team continues to improve our products and processes to ensure Riva customers experience the highest privacy and security standards.

GDPR is an EU regulation that, effective May 25, 2018, requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states and comply with strict new rules around protecting customer personal data. We are well prepared to help our customers adhere to GDPR data privacy requirements as they apply to your implementation of Riva.

How Riva Complies with GDPR

Security and customer data privacy are top priorities at Riva. Riva is fully compliant with EU’s GDPR legislation.  Processes and controls have been implemented to achieve the data privacy protection and related requirements of GDPR.

Customers that require Data Processing Agreements, Amendments, or Data Protection Addendums should contact to support their compliance requirements.

We are Here to Help

We are able to provide information about categories of data, assistance in facilitating deletion of data subjects, and reviewing the impact of such deletions on our ability to keep our customers informed. We have introduced features into applications published by Riva to help you meet GDPR requirements.

We value our customers and take all reasonable steps to protect their privacy. We follow up-to-date industry standards in securing infrastructure and how security relates to application code.

If a data breach does occur, Riva is ready to respond in accordance with GDPR.

Riva will respond in accordance with rights granted by GDPR when we receive a request to provide or delete a data subject’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

To submit a GDPR Data Privacy Request, contact us at

Personal Data: Billing,,, and GDPR

Riva stores personal data for customers who are working through a trial or a production licence engagement.  Licensing and related information is collected and stored on infrastructure and SaaS applications managed by Riva. These applications include third-party billing and credit card processors.

“Subscriber Data” is comprised of information including:

  1. Company details;
  2. Contacts (name, business email, business phone, social media profiles); and,
  3. Device IP Addresses.

The following are third-party entities, defined as “Sub-Processors”, with whom we store a subset of the “Subscriber Data”:

Entity NamePurposeAvailable ServicesEntity Location
BlueSnap, Inc.BlueSnap provides e-commerce solutions and processes credit card payments for transactions in Euros.View BlueSnap’s GDPR compliance commitment »Credit Card Processing (€ EUR)United Kingdom
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics provides website tracking services for marketing and sales activities. Google Analytics information may contain Subscriber Data.View Google Analytics’ GDPR compliance commitment »Globally usedUnited States
Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Office 365 offers a highly available enterprise grade business productivity and communication platform. Riva uses Office 365 for services including email communication and document storage services.View Microsoft’s GDPR compliance commitment »Globally usedUnited States
Moneris Solutions CorporationMoneris provides e-commerce solutions and processes credit card payments for Canadian and U.S. dollar transactions.View Moneris Solutions’ GDPR compliance commitment »Credit Card Processing ($ CAD, $ USD)Canada
RingCentral, Inc.RingCentral is a leading provider of telephony and meeting services. All Riva employees and some subcontractors have access to Ring Central to receive and make telephone calls. RingCentral stores all call history, logs, recordings including Subscriber Data.View RingCentral’s GDPR compliance commitment »Globally usedUnited States
Zendesk, Inc.Zendesk provides customer services software used by Riva for customer facing technical support needs. When a support request is created, Subscriber Data is stored in Zendesk Services providing a unique and per authenticated Subscriber view of current and previous support requests. All communication sent to/from (including attachments) are stored in Zendesk Services.View Zendesk’s GDPR compliance commitment »Technical support used by RivaUnited States
Zuora, Inc.Zuora provides billing, accounting and financial operations services including credit card data collection and submission for credit card processing.View Zuora’s GDPR compliance commitment »Riva BillingUnited States

If you have questions or require additional information relating to GDPR, please contact us at