Revolution Podcast

Have you heard the news? Riva has hit the airwaves with our first podcast. In this inaugural episode, Riva CEO Aldo and CTO Stéphane explore how organizations use data and CRM to empower their teams and improve customer experience. Also, the explore how being a family-founded CRM integration company drives a relentless pursuit of customer centricity at Riva. Listen below:


0:45 – Hello and welcome from Aldo

1:18 – How being customer focused and family founded drives the relentless pursuit of customer centricity here at Riva.

3:04 – Discussing how historically clients were at centre of relationships, but not enterprises or their process and the shift to a client-centric approach.

5:00 – When a large enterprise with multiple divisions that serve the same customers deal with centricity things can become complex. What are some of the considerations that Riva’s clients had to wrestle with during this business and tech transformation?

6:48 – The types of industries that can best leverage the data ops opportunities at scale.

8:16 – Understanding data privacy and how it can be integrated in data transformation.

9:25 – Discussing where compliance requirements fit in the picture

11:55 – Making everyone an active participant in understanding how data is shared internally and externally. How leveraging technology brings a data ops approach to customer centricity that clients will build stronger relationships with their clients.

14:37 – What is Aldo most excited about with the podcast?