Administrator Resource Videos

Common Issues With Sync Log Viewer

This video will show users how to troubleshoot common issues that can occur with your Riva sync. You can troubleshoot many of the issues on your own, such as connection issues, credential issues, and even some common sync issues.

Sync Log Viewer

In this video, users will learn how to view recent activities, including error messages and sync interactions for users. This will allow you to identify and troubleshoot connection and item sync issues and review module and item sync for users.

E-mail Sent Items

You can configure the email outbox settings to allow for the automatic and semi-automatic sync of emails sent by your users. In this video, we showcase how to configure your email sent items to automatically associate the email with Contacts, Accounts, or Leads.

E-mail Inbox Tab

You can configure the email inbox settings to allow for the automatic and semi-automatic sync of an email received by your users. Here, we show you how to only detect items with a required category. If this option is disabled, Riva will attempt to sync all received emails.

E-mail Assign-To Tab

Riva enables users to associate emails with CRM items such as opportunities, support tickets, or project status directly within your email system. We refer to this feature as “Email Assign-To.” In this video, we’ll walk through how to enable the Email Assign-To field and how they are configured for sync in the Configurations Tab.

E-mail Smart Convert

Riva Sync can be configured to transfer emails directly to your CRM system. Additionally, it can be enabled to create CRM items such as Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, or Support Tickets using data found in transferred emails. This video demonstrates how to create a new Contact using the data found within an email.

Configuration Tab

In the Configuration Tab, you can review and configure the sync category and folder name, enable automatic sync, and configure settings and advanced modules sync options. In this video, we take a deeper dive into email naming conventions and choosing folder colors.

Schedule Tab

In the Schedule Tab, you can review peak and off-peak sync frequency and the time zone setting for your account. This video shows users how to view them and adjust the time zone and view blackout schedules.

General Tab

When editing your policy, you will be presented with several options that are categorized into tabs. This video introduces users to the synchronization policy settings General Tab and teaches how to enable the sync policy for the first time, update policy status, historic CRM item filtering, and error email notifications.

Choosing Your Mode

When you sign up for Riva Cloud, you need to select which subscription mode meets your requirement(s); Single, Company, or Corporate Mode. In this video, you will learn what the different modes are to choose the best one for you. We also cover email system preparations that include creating service accounts, firewall and mailbox preparations, and configure permissions.

End User User Resource Videos

How to Sync Contacts

Learn how our server-side sync automatically and transparently copies your Email Contacts to your CRM and vice versa without duplication of efforts, and this CRM information is automatically accessible on any mobile device through the desired email system.

How to Sync Your CRM appointments and tasks

In this video, you will see just how easy it is to use the key CRM appointment and task integration features and the benefits from our seamless, server-side synchronization.

Riva Insight 2020

Riva addresses the need for sales, support, and marketing teams to quickly access actionable customer engagement intelligence by embedding it in the user's chosen email view with Riva Insight. Learn how you can access data harmonization between calendars, contacts, accounts, and opportunities from your CRM directly in your email.

Capture email conversations in Salesforce

Is tracking and capturing email conversations and communications important to your daily routine? Riva's Conversation Capture enables you to manage and organize important email threads in Salesforce by using intuitive functions embedded in your Outlook email view.

A User Guide to Riva Insight (2019)

Riva Insight is a customer intelligence platform that enables users to search and view CRM data directly in their webmail, email client, or on their mobile device. Riva Insight empowers users with real-time, context-driven web searches and email tracking against CRM items, for example. In this video you will learn how to install, use and manage Riva Insight. Although this user guide depicts Riva Insight for Salesforce and Outlook, it is also available for Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Sales Cloud (C/4HANA), Sugar, and NetSuite.