We made search easier! 

Insight’s revised UX will make your teams more effective with a simpler CRM search. Starting with Riva Insight 2022.1, search results will now show as a new page taking up the entire side panel (with the option to close/return at the top), where each item will appear as its own card, allowing for easier scrolling. No more frustration or loss of productivity struggling to read and find search results! 

Important Notice: Internet Explorer End of Life and Edge Chromium (WebView2) Support 

Insight version: Windows Add-in 

Microsoft and Salesforce have announced they are ending support for Internet Explorer, which can impact you as it can end support for Internet Explorer with Riva Insight, depending on the type of add-in you are using. Reach out to your admin for additional information. 

Learn more about the end-of-life notices, determine whether they impact you, and the requirements to upgrade here.