Betsy Peters, Emily Bennett and Bob King

Today’s episode is hosted by Riva’s VP of Strategy and Product Marketing, Betsy Peters. She will be joined by insurance industry veterans, Emily Bennett and Bob King to talk about how you can leverage CRM to help build trust and business value, how technology has transformed industry compliance, and how the best insurance advisors implement EQ/TQ.

Guest: Emily Bennett, Technical Business Consultant, and Bob King, Business Coach, from the Personal Coach

Together, Emily and Bob have over 70 years of experience working with advisors in Financial Services to break through plateaus and recharge business momentum. Betsy Peters, VP of Marketing at Riva International, will moderate a lively and interactive discussion between Emily and Bob around the benefits of leveraging CRM, how to identify the right tools for your business, and why it’s essential to creating a thriving business in 2022.

Whether you’re looking to make sound decisions on investing in new technologies, improve CRM adoption, or remove friction from your workflows and customer interactions, this session will provide you with the insight you need to punch above your weight across the board.

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