Riva Cloud 

IMPROVED: Elevate Your Admin Experience with Riva Cloud!

Adding, onboarding, and managing Riva Cloud users has never been easier. 

First, we’ve simplified the process of adding users with a new prompt and quick link to disable your policy ahead of adding users (and avoid any sync issue). 

Then, corporate and company admins are now empowered to send welcome emails to new Riva Cloud users, making their onboarding a breeze. 

And finally, enjoy the convenience of multiple filter options on the Users page so that you can manage users more easily and efficiently. 

Click here to read more about these Riva Cloud admin experience improvements.

Riva Insight  

NEW: More Insight On The Go

We’re excited to announce that Riva Insight now supports meetings and appointments on Outlook Mobile! 

Seamlessly track and manage your meetings and appointments right from your mobile device. Effortlessly view details, access important information, and gain valuable insights from wherever you are. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to enhanced customer relationships. 

Click here to start with Riva Insight for Outlook Mobile to stay ahead of the game and boost your productivity! 

IMPROVED: Insight Admin Configurations Management 

Whether you need to transfer configurations between environments or share them with team members, your management of Insight is now as simple as a few clicks with the new configuration’s export and import capabilities. Simply access your Riva Insight admin settings (as an administrator), and you will find this new option under the Advanced menu. 

IMPROVED: Smarter Login 

Experience less friction and more convenience when logging in with your default domain or any other domains – delivering greater flexibility and a seamless user experience as Riva Insight now remembers all the login domains you use. 

For more details on these new and improved Insight capabilities or to see the other enhancements and fixes included in this release, click here. 

Riva Bookings 

NEW: Gather client intel BEFORE the meeting  

Riva Bookings now allows you to gather essential details from your clients before meeting with them, so you can deliver a productive and well-prepared session. 

Get intel from your clients when they request a meeting, so you’re all set to offer your highest level of customer service and experience. Choose from various question types to suit the information you seek and tailor your client meetings effortlessly.  

Haven’t heard of Riva Bookings? Check out the user guide here. To learn more about the latest features, click here