Manage Your Customers Wherever You Are and How You Wish

Track in CRM on the Go, Right from Your Mobile!

Are your relationship managers treating their mobile phones more like their primary workstations? 

With this release, Riva Insight on Mobile now supports Track in CRM. Now relationship managers can effortlessly track emails right from their mobile while searching for and viewing CRM data from Outlook. Think of the improvements to data quality!

Track Emails with Ease.

Effective lead management is essential to any successful business. In a typical workflow, leads are not related to an account or opportunity relationship in CRM. With this release, Track in CRM has been updated to make it easier for you to make these associations when tracking an email—contributing to a deeper understanding of your business relationships.  

Send and Track Option for Outlook Inline Drafts, Replies, and Forwards.

One of Insight’s most popular features is Send and Track. In this release, Insight extends that power to inline drafts, replies, and forwards.

This functionality is available by default with Riva Insight’s Windows Add-in upgrade.  If you deploy Riva on-premise, you will need to update your Insight server to benefit from this new feature.

Delayed Send Now Available by Default

Our initial release of the Delayed Send feature required configuration from the Track View. With this release – it is now the default allowing your users to send emails at opportune times.

Insight: Custom Configurations to Fit Your Workflow Needs

We understand your business needs are complex and your processes are unique—so out-of-the-box solutions can be insufficient. Riva specializes in advanced configurations for all parts of our Relationship Engine, including Insight, to better meet our partner’s needs. 

Using Insight, relationship managers can now create records directly in CRM—whether contacts, tasks, or custom modules.


When a Custom Contact is created from Insight prompt, the email field will be automatically populated in the CRM form.


Improve your efficiency with advanced customization options. Contact our Success Team to get started!