Riva is here to make CRM easier, smarter, and in line with industry and regulatory requirements. Our Insight sidebar is one way we deliver on that promise – putting connections, conversations and meetings into the context of relationships, right in the workflow your teams use most.  

Our newest release is ready and delivers some key improvements! 

What Is New

Messaging capabilities

In keeping with our highly customizable approach, this release brings you the ability to better guide your users. You’ll find new message fields that can be configured to share tips, best practices and expectations about data capture with your end users.

Your ability to get more quality data

  1. Easier & more powerful classification going in = better data quality out. The new “Event Type” field in the Insight panel allows your team to select whether the event is a meeting or an appointment, increasing visibility and improving reporting.
    (For Salesforce users only in this release)
  2. More context in = better data quality out. Your users can now enter their own free-form wording in drop-down fields when there is no adequate choice readily available, creating more continuity between CRM and Insight.
    (Works for those fields that CRM supports)

What Is Easier

Your ability to customize 

Insight’s configuration panel has just gotten more powerful. With this release you can configure your instance with our drag and drop features to hide a field, make it visible, change its location on the Insight Panel… the possibilities are (almost) endless.


What We Fixed

Data quality enhancement

With this release, Insight is working smarter behind the scenes. Insight can detect when an item has already been tracked and synched and smartly uses the latest version of the CRM record (your single source of truth) – not the email record – to ensure you always have the most up to date tracking.

Where You Can Learn More

Visit our knowledge base to check out all the details, view screenshots and understand who is affected. 

Riva Insight 2020.5 on KB