Riva is here to make CRM easier, smarter, and in line with industry and regulatory requirements. Our Insight side panel is one way we deliver on that promise – putting connections, conversations and meetings into the context of relationships, right in the workflow your teams use most.  

Our newest release is ready and delivers some big benefits for business users! 


What Is Easier

Improved Office365/Exchange to Salesforce Sync

Ensure relationship data is preserved while improving the quality of the data entering Salesforce by configuring Riva Insight to sync an email as a Salesforce task and relate it to all the resolved entities (e.g., sender, CRM user recipients, or contact recipients).

(Applies to Riva set ups where emails are tracked in Salesforce as tasks.)

Make Data Quality a Team Effort

Make sure your users understand when important data is missing in CRM. The missing information indicator has been updated to be more configurable. Your Riva Admin can now set it to turn on or off for accounts, contacts, and/or leads (by default, the indicator is on for accounts and off for contacts and leads) and trigger the indicator if information is missing in an individual field. Please contact a member of the Riva Success team if you would like to configure the indicator for other CRM modules.

What We Fixed

Better CRM Data Display

Riva is always raising the bar on product performance. In this release, when an invalid column reference turns up, Insight now removes the invalid reference and resubmits the query to the CRM. This ensures you always have access to the latest information from CRM, including open opportunities.

Where You Can Learn More

Visit our knowledge base to check out all the details, view screenshots and understand who is affected. 

Riva Insight 2021.2 on KB

(Unless specified, all the features listed above apply to all CRM and Email platforms supported by Riva Insight and for all deployment options.)