Riva is here to make CRM easier, smarter, and in line with industry and regulatory requirements. Our Insight sidebar is one way we deliver on that promise – putting connections, conversations and meetings into the context of relationships, right in the workflow your teams use most.

Our newest release is ready and delivers some key improvements! 

What Is New

A Whole New Insight!

This week, we’ll roll out a new, updated look and feel to our side panel. Check out the screenshots on the side and discover the new colors, format, and icons that will make your Insight experience seamless.


Support for Users!

While these UX changes were designed to save your teams time and frustration (while improving your data quality!), we know changes to workflows can create disruption for some.

That is why we’ve created this page that maps the changes from the old UX to the new. We also have a user guide that highlights what is new and better. In addition, we’ve made a few videos to show you what this new version can do!

Make Compliance a Team Sport with Classification Prompts

Riva Insight is helping to get everyone on your team onboard with compliance, not just you and your CISO. Riva Classification Prompt lets you configure Riva Insight to prompt (remind or force) users to set a privacy classification every time they:

  • send or receive an email;
  • organize a meeting, or;
  • accept a meeting organized by someone outside of your organization.

Our Classification Prompt leverages the Riva Relationship Engine’s granular data flows to protect sensitive details in emails or meetings – ensuring consistent adherence to industry regulations about data privacy throughout your organization.*

*In this release, Riva’s Classification Prompts do not support recurring meetings and meetings/emails created from mobile devices – but we have you covered everywhere else.  

What Is Easier

Log In with Salesforce From (almost) Anywhere

Now Insight Admins can log in to the side panel through Salesforce by entering the Riva Insight URL into your browser’s address bar. This helps your admins in several ways: 

  • Authentication issues can be identified and triaged more easily, as information that may not be accessible in the Riva Insight add-ins can be obtained from the browser. 
  • Admins without the Riva Insight client installed can still log in and update settings. 

Simplified Admin UI

The new admin UI makes it even easier to configure Riva Track in CRMThis intuitive workflow does not require prior knowledge about configuring settings. This helps speed up deployment and time to value. You’ll be amazed at how much simpler it is to get a user up and running with Riva Insight. 

Insight Log Extraction*

Now your users can collect diagnostic logs in a single click. This enhancement was designed to make the process of collecting basic information to troubleshoot Riva Insight seamlessly. Users no longer need to reach out to a corporate admin or the Riva Success Team.  

*Note: This feature is available only for Riva Insight Windows Add-in.

What We Fixed

Insight 2021.3 was a feature-focused release; no bugs were addressed. 

Where You Can Learn More

Visit our knowledge base to learn more, get the details from our screenshots and accompanying deep dives on each feature and configuration and understand who is affected.