Riva Sync 

The Riva 2024.1 release focuses on improving the experience for Salesforce Education Cloud users, with the added ability to set exception dates for a recurring shift set in Salesforce, allowing you to easily plan for team members’ time off and scheduled school breaks. Available for Google Calendar only; Microsoft/EWS support will be available mid-March. Read more here

The Riva 2024.1 release has no additional update for Riva Data Center (On-Premise) or Riva Cloud. 

Riva Insight 

NOUVEAU: Riva Insight est Disponible en Français 

Riva Insight now supports multiple languages, with English and French available out of the box. Want to see Riva Insight in a different language? Reach out to the Riva Success Team

New: Sensitive Data Masking 

Riva Insight now provides an option to mask identifiable data that is being captured during a diagnostics session with Riva Support, ensuring your data remains private and secure while empowering our support team to better understand how to troubleshoot trickier issues. 

To learn more about these features, as well as the enhancements and bug fixes made to improve your Riva Insight admin and user experience, click here

Riva Bookings 

IMPROVED: Meeting Host Delegation Permissions 

Meeting host delegation got easier and more secure, as you can now restrict which users are allowed to set you as a meeting host. This helps prevent any abuse of the delegation feature and possible security vulnerabilities. 

IMPROVED: Internal Attendees Permissions 

Increase security by restricting internal attendees (required or optional) only to licensed Riva Bookings users. Previously, all users with a Microsoft Entra ID could be searched and added, creating possible security issues. 

Learn more about these Bookings improvements by clicking here