For over a decade, Riva has been helping enterprise organizations improve their meeting outcomes, metrics, and reporting by ensuring their Outlook and Salesforce calendars are always in sync.

Improving meetings and lowering travel expenses have been a strategic focus for organizations for nearly 20 years. By investing in new technologies – such as video conferencing and web-based meeting software – organizations have achieved many of these goals. Almost too well.

Today, meetings dominate our calendars. It’s far too familiar for staff to spend a big part of their day attending disorganized and unproductive meetings. Is this your organization’s reality?

The Impact of Poorly Organized Meetings

The State of Meetings 2019 report reveals that poorly organized meetings cost U.S. businesses over $399 billion each year.

How many hours per week do your staff spend in poorly organized meetings and are missing key stakeholders? Or meetings that don’t have communicated objectives or follow-up action items?

Poorly managed internal and external meetings affect every aspect of your business, right down to the bottom line!

Advance Relationships Forward with Riva Insight

Effective meetings improve meeting outcomes and move relationships and opportunities forward.

Riva Insight leverages Riva Connect to access customer data that is constantly in sync – giving your team secure, compliant, one-click access to deeper customer data to enhance efficiency and productivity. 

Riva Insight surfaces vital customer data that lives in Salesforce and provides insights on:

Meeting Intelligence: Relevant emails, who was involved when related meetings took place, and what was discussed and delegated.

Client Communications: Prior communications, meetings during which the client’s needs were discussed, and who’s already working to address sales or customer service topics.

Subject-Matter Expertise: Information on teammates and other employees who’ve had previous interactions, and with communications about or including the contact.

Missing Data: Improve CRM data quality, update records, and fill data gaps – including meeting attendees – without leaving your inbox or calendar environment.

Get rich client insights in real-time and in the workflows your team uses to get the right data to the right people at just the right time.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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