Facing the CRM/Email Divide

If your enterprise relies on Salesforce, there’s a good chance that’s not the only platform your end-users rely on to engage with customers and co-workers, schedule meetings, and update contact information. There’s also a very good chance one of the other platforms your end-users use is Office 365, Exchange Online, or Hosted Exchange. 

Naturally, this poses a challenge: how can you find the right RevOps sync to ensure the customer data your end-users are gathering in one platform are shared to—and available through—the others? If that challenge sounds familiar, you’re not alone. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to your customer data disconnection woes—one that offers real-time, bi-directional, automated customer data flows between Office 365/Exchange and Salesforce: 

Bringing Salesforce, Office 365, and Exchange Data Together

Riva’s enterprise-tested revenue ops solutions are specifically designed (and proven) to unify, govern, and distribute data gathered and stored in disconnected revenue and communications silos formed by platforms like—you guessed it—Salesforce, Office 365, Exchange Online, and Hosted Exchange. So, when your enterprise discovers that Salesforce-native Outlook integration options are insufficient to inspire end-user data trust and customer confidence, it’s time to consider Riva’s RevOps advantages—which are available for both cloud and on-premise deployment

Unlike Salesforce’s standard integration capabilities, Riva offers full support for Microsoft Exchange On-Premise, Office 365, Exchange Online, or Hosted Exchange accounts through RackSpace, Intermedia, Apptix, and others. And in addition to Outlook, Riva also supports all other Exchange email clients—including Outlook 2010 64-bit and 32-bit, Outlook Web Access, Outlook on Citrix, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage, Apple Mail, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices.

Salesforce to Outlook: What Does Riva Sync?

Riva seamlessly syncs Salesforce contacts, leads, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, and more:

  • Salesforce contacts to Outlook / Office 365;
  • Salesforce leads to Outlook / Office 365;
  • Salesforce calendars to Outlook / Office 365 (meetings, appointments, full-day events, multi-day events, recurring appointments);
  • Salesforce tasks to Outlook / Office 365;
  • Salesforce opportunities to Outlook / Office 365;
  • Salesforce custom fields to Outlook / Office 365;
  • emails from Outlook / Office 365 to Salesforce accounts, contacts, and opportunities;
  • create Salesforce contacts, opportunities, or leads from Outlook / Office 365.

Bring Salesforce, Office 365, Exchange, and Your Whole Enterprise Together

If your enterprise data isn’t interconnected, you’re missing the chance to improve data trust, increase productivity, and grow customer lifetime value. With Riva’s RevOps solutions, unifying Salesforce, Office 365, and Exchange is just the beginning. Schedule a call to learn how Riva can help to securely unify and govern your revenue and communications data—and distribute it where and when it matters most to your bottom line success.

Explore Riva's Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, $7.5M in Benefits
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