While tools like Salesforce, email, and calendars keep teams focused and productive, they can also create blind spots when managing internal and external relationships.

How do you deliver a unified, up-to-date view of all calendar events across Salesforce, calendars, inboxes, and scheduling apps – while meeting critical security, data privacy, data loss prevention, and compliance requirements? It’s all achievable with Riva.

Seamless Salesforce, Calendar, and Inbox Integration

Riva seamlessly integrates calendar events across multiple platforms, providing a Customer 360 view of your client interactions directly in Salesforce and users’ inbox. Riva Insight leverages Riva Sync to surface customer data and places it – in real-time – at the fingertips of the right people in your organization.

As employees navigate email, calendar, contact, and task dashboards, Insight provides contextual prompts – allowing secure, compliant, one-click access to more in-depth, meaningful data to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Riva Insight surfaces meaningful data to enhance your teams’ productivity around:

Meetings: Surface relevant emails, who’s involved, when related meetings took place, and what was discussed and delegated.

Emails: Brings instant context to previous communications and activities like meetings – including customer needs details and who on your team is already interacting with that client and in what capacity.

Subject-matter expertise and client research: Provides immediate insights and details on your customers’ journey with your organization. Identifies which team members have had previous interactions with a company or individual contact on support, service, or sales.

Data trust: Improves CRM data quality by automatically updating records and filling gaps – without requiring your team to leave their inbox or calendar environment.

Adding context to relevant customer data can help identify employee/customer connections that you never knew existed – strengthening your teams’ ability to advance a sale. It can improve meeting planning and outcomes. Over time, it can help your organization to stand apart from your competitors.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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