Pros, Cons, and Considerations When Your Goal is Compliant Customer 360

You support a team that makes decisions with 6- and 7-figure implications every day. They constantly synthesize large quantities of market data looking for an edge. At the same time, they strive to keep the customer at the center of all they do.

Building stronger, more profitable relationships means ensuring that everyone on the team gets the information that matters during the interactions that matter – while balancing the equally essential requirements for security and compliance. With the proliferation of digital touchpoints, specialized, “purpose-built” applications for your industry, and your teams’ particular needs, these responsibilities have only become ever more challenging.

Salesforce remains the center of your Customer 360 universe and is non-negotiable in your sales/marketing tech stack. It is the place where all moments that matter must get collected and the place where they should be easy to access.

Salesforce for the Financial Services Industry: Improvements and Opportunities

Since 2015, Salesforce has been offering Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to deliver industry-specific features out of the box. With the most recent release, it has become even more tailored to the needs of corporate and investment banks.

It now integrates critical customer and market data directly into the Salesforce workflow while addressing critical concerns around privacy and regulatory matters like the handling of Material Non-Public Information (MNPI). These newest innovations close some of the requirement gaps felt by the most highly regulated and security-conscious enterprises, which is excellent news.

However, many financial services enterprises will still face significant challenges in delivering on an actual Customer 360 experience. Whether you are considering the shift from Sales Cloud to FSC or planning to continue customizing Sales Cloud for your needs, one critical enterprise platform is not so easy to integrate with Salesforce…Microsoft Office365/Exchange.

Without a reliable conduit between these two platforms, your team misses critical interactions. Some information lives in one system: the rest in the other. Altogether, your team may be in the uncomfortable position of being data-rich but insight-poor. Or, even worse, they may choose workarounds that don’t respect your CISO’s need for privacy, regulatory compliance, and security––let alone the business need for scalability.

Fortunately, there is a solution that works with either Salesforce platform.   Riva has a long history of helping financial services organizations deliver on the promise of customer-centricity. We specialize in integrating customer data between Salesforce and Office365/Exchange – making CRM easier, smarter, and more straightforward. As a primary independent software vendor recommended by Salesforce, Riva is integrated right into the new FSC.

Considering the Move? Evaluate the Pros and Cons

Change is never easy, and there are many decisions that affect technology, culture, and revenue to consider. At Riva, we work with financial services organizations every day. Here are some of the pros and cons we hear most from our corporate and investment banking clients about shifting to FSC or staying with their current install.

Build More Profitable Relationships While Meeting the Most Stringent Security Requirements

Whether you decide to stay with Sales Cloud or are planning the move to Financial Service Cloud, Riva’s Relationship Engine is the customer data operations platform that fills requirements gaps in typical use cases:

  • Meets stringent Infosec requirements
  • Enables compliant data sharing of MNPI ​​
  • Provides real-time, bi-directional calendar sync at scale (even for 5000+ simultaneous users)​
  • Accommodates for complex business rules and processes related to email and calendar sync​
  • Works across Multiple Salesforce organizations and multiple email domains ​

Compliant Customer Data Operations for Any Path You Choose

Regardless of which decision you make for your enterprise, you’ll need customer data ops that ensure your team has an integrated, reliable, and current 360-degree view of the customer so that each interaction can be a positive experience.

Let Riva help you deliver on the promise of Customer 360. We’ve specialized in intelligent sync for over ten years, have passed over 1,100 security reviews, and count over 200 financial services firms globally as our clients. With a quick consult, we can walk you through various options to work with your enterprise requirements.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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