Carlsberg brewed Denmark’s first-ever beer using a yeast that became the basis for many modern-day imitations. In fact, almost all modern-day lagers are derived from the original yeast used to brew Carlsberg. Established in 1847 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, the Carlsberg Group is a leading brewery group globally, with 140 brands in their beer portfolio, which spans core beer brands, craft and specialty brands, and alcohol-free brews.

Carlsberg Importers SA (CISA) markets and distributes the famous Carlsberg as well as Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664, and Tourtel brands in Belgium.


When Carlsberg Importers moved to Salesforce, they initially used EasySync and HCL Traveler to connect Salesforce and HCL Notes on a Domino server (formerly IBM Notes and Domino). The retirement of the CRMobile/Euremis application on Windows tablets caused serious synchronization challenges for the company. They then turned to the Salesforce-provided plugin for sync. However, the mere number of clients and hardware they had to install and manage the plugin 0n made the task too time-consuming and costly. The Salesforce solution also lacked the sophistication, scalability, and flexibility needed in their complicated and fast-growing environment.

The entire communication process at Carlsberg Importers is very complex; their sales executives and managers use many different mobile devices, desktops, and applications at different locations to access, input, and analyze data. Their users needed to be able to access up-to-date Salesforce data immediately – and from any device – that enables them to manage calendar appointments and tasks to control inventory, manage sales and logistics, and report the quality and quantity of products at the point of sale and other places along the supply chain.


With Salesforce users spanning across multiple locations and departments and locations, and a variety of different tools and hardware to manage, the features and flexibility Riva offers are essential to Carlsberg Importer’s operations.

For Carlsberg Importers, one of the top priorities included the ability to sync appointments and tasks bi-directionally between Salesforce and HCL Notes – regardless of which device their sales and product line managers are using or which application they prefer to work in.


The main reasons Carlsberg Importers moved to Riva were to enable their on- and off-trade sales reps, managers, and technicians responsible for quality control to have their tasks and calendars synced automatically, reliably, and in real-time between Salesforce and HCL Notes and the ease of implementation.

Even though they have a very complex tech stack and processes, Carlsberg Importer’s staff now has the ability to access real-time Salesforce data – contacts, calendars, tasks, opportunities, cases, contracts, custom objects, and more – easily from anywhere at any time and from any device. Riva seamlessly wrangles millions of data points between Salesforce and HCL Notes and Domino on the back end, automatically and without staff having to duplicate efforts. For the IT staff, there was nothing to install, configure, or manage on their users’ desktops, laptops, or mobile devices – saving time and cost.

Riva is installed once either as a cloud or on-premises solution into a Windows server or a Virtual Machine. The software stays on the server, and synchronization happens on the server-side. Riva intelligently and securely syncs Salesforce and email data – including tasks, appointments, contacts, attachments, and more – and is displayed only to those employees who need the data –  when they need it – regardless of location, hardware, or client.

“The initial set-up was professionally and remotely guided by Riva’s customer services. It took only two hours to complete the synchronization of Salesforce and HCL,” describes Eric Samain, Information Systems Director at Carlsberg Importers. “The straightforward setup and reliability were two of the main reasons we chose Riva.”

“We are delighted with Riva’s support. Everything is well documented in Riva’s Knowledge Base. With a quick search, you have all the relevant information you need within seconds,“ says Mr. Samain.

As they plan for future growth, Carlsberg Importers is delighted to have Riva as their data integration partner.

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