When Certior Financial and Health & Benefits Partners partnered in 2016, both businesses used their own instance of Salesforce and Office 365 as their email system.

Each Salesforce instance was structured for the unique product offerings each business sold. The two companies still needed the records, calendars, and tasks for the financial sector to stay in the finance-focused Salesforce instance. The health and benefits records, calendar items, and tasks needed to remain in the health-related Salesforce instance.

“However, our joint support staff on both sides of the business often need to see combined calendars of our personnel to schedule meetings on behalf of either business operation,” explained Fred Weiner, Operations Manager for Certior Financial.


Certior Financial and Health & Benefits Partners spoke with numerous vendors while looking for a solution to their unique data integration challenge before they found Riva.

“We discovered Riva on the Salesforce AppExchange,” noted Fred Weiner. “No other product was able to do what Riva can do. We contacted Riva, who took the time to understand our unique data synchronization challenges. Our staff spoke with Riva’s development team to ensure that Riva could solve our challenge of having multiple CRMs and email systems in one environment. The Riva team then worked with us as we set up a trial to verify that the solution would work as we needed it to.”

The simple and intelligent Riva Engine allowed for the sync of all appointments from one company to another and combined calendar that appears in both instances of Salesforce and their Office 365 instances. Riva’s Customer Success Team was with Certior every step of the way through deployment to ensure everything was working as intended.

“During testing, when we encountered minor issues, the team lead was available via email and would often handle the issue in minutes. When the issue was more complex, a quick team call with all parties was arranged, and the problem often got resolved right on the phone. The tech support team stayed with us during the testing process, and once we got everything working, they moved us into production without a glitch,” recalled Mr. Weiner.

With Riva, team members from both sides of the business are assured that all calendars in the organization reflect client interactions and events in real-time. There is no second-guessing about whether someone is available for a meeting or out of the office because the merged calendars provide the most accurate, up-to-date information.


The months of searching were over for Certior Financial and Health & Benefits Partners when they discovered Riva’s advanced calendar sync.

Partnering two different businesses can be a stressful task. The added stress of not accessing calendar information to mark out blocks of time to meet with staff from either side of the organization or keep appointments in order could have put the companies at risk of an uneasy transition. But thanks to Riva, their transition was smooth and effortless. Riva now provides seamless synchronization and a consistent user experience across the entire organization – regardless of having more than one instance of Salesforce and Office 365 in place.

Now the two businesses are working in harmony and benefitting from:

• automatic appointment sync between Salesforce and Office 365;
• full support for recurring calendar events;
• full support for all smartphone or tablet devices, including iPad;
• data sync between multiple CRMs and email systems, and;
• advanced sync of specific contacts.

“Without Riva, we would not have been able to partner our two organizations. The Riva team took the time to understand our challenges, implement and test the solution, and move it into production. Riva works seamlessly to connect Salesforce and Office 365.” said Fred.

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