The founder of KLAFS – Erich Klafs – delivered the first completely prefabricated sauna for home installation in 1952. Today, KLAFS employs more than 726 employees in 27 showrooms in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

With their unique instance of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) and HCL Notes, KLAFS knew they needed to identify a data sync solution that would allow not only ease of use but reliability when it came to calendar and appointment synchronization.


KLAFS is driven by the mission of providing quality products that make people feel better, both physically and mentally. This mission helps the company ensure each product that bears the KLAFS name is of the highest standard. Being held to that standard extends beyond the products that KLAFS delivers and is a touchstone of their customer journey. KLAFS’s goal is to have customers feel good after every interaction with the company.

However, this didn’t prove easy without the proper tools to allow customer-facing staff to access key client information to provide a better customer experience.

When KLAFS first implemented SAP C4C, they used the native SAP C4C connector to sync calendar items and emails with Notes.

The native SAP C4C connector was not user-friendly. Once live, it ran as an add-on on the Notes side and worked only on the PC. So when customer-facing team members were using an iPad or mobile device, there was no integration option.

On top of that, it did not work properly on Citrix – the software KLAFS uses to empower terminal services and VPN access – which was crucial for their security requirements.

KLAFS soon realized they needed a data harmonization solution that would allow them to sync calendar items and emails between Notes and SAP C4C on any device – including mobile.


KLAFS quickly discovered the best way to get the Customer 360 view they were searching for was through Riva’s elegant data integration solution.

Once implemented, Riva improved the company’s sales processes. It now enables assistants to create and update calendar appointments and notes in SAP C4C on behalf of the sales team and have that information appear almost immediately on the sales reps’ calendars, on any device.

The time savings Riva delivered for KLAFS was incomparable. Customer-facing teams were able to work more efficiently and productively with the reassurance that the information in their calendars reflected the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The implementation process ran smoothly. It was a huge success for the IT team because the server-side integration meant no plugins or add-ons to maintain, and Citrix was automatically supported.


Riva’s world-class security and flexibility allowed KLAFS to quickly implement a solution that has completely satisfied their integration needs.

Riva’s data harmonization solution provides a clear view of client engagement and employee interactions.

The biggest advantages to KLAFS were eliminating double data entry and the real-time sync of calendar entries. This meant not only time savings but also helped to improve the customer experience at every interaction.

KLAFS is now able to:

  • sync calendar and email items to all mobile devices;
  • update and edit calendar entries from a mobile device and have that information reflect in SAP C4C;
  • archive client emails.

“Initially, we were looking for on-site assistance during the implementation, but the efficiency of Riva’s remote support made that unnecessary. From an admin point of view, Riva’s support and reliability were absolutely incredible,” said Spyros Targas, IT Administrator.

KLAFS was so pleased with the value that Riva brought to their SAP C4C and Notes implementations that they are now looking to include the sync of contacts and other newly released Riva features that will help them continue to provide well-being to their clients every step of the customer journey.

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Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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