A master chocolatier, Leonidas is world-renowned for their Belgium chocolate pralines. The company prides itself on creating “moments of happiness” for its consumers. Leonidas operates more than 1,300 stores across 40 countries and 5 continents and is an official supplier to the Belgium Court.


To support its goal of creating “moments of happiness” for Leonadis chocolate lovers everywhere, the company implemented Salesforce to manage customer relationships more effectively. They use HCL Notes (formerly IBM Lotus Notes) on a Domino server. Most of their staff are in-store sales teams. They also have many District Managers who travel between stores and use Notes Traveler to connect Salesforce, Notes, and mobile devices.

After implementing Salesforce, Leonidas quickly realized the out-of-box integration plugins couldn’t sync tasks, events, and emails intelligently across their systems. Their customer-facing sales team was spending way too much time on data entry to keep Salesforce and HCL Notes up to date and their District Managers were inefficient when traveling.

Leonidas set out to find an integration solution that would connect Salesforce to their calendars and inboxes and would allow their team to work from anywhere at any time. They experimented with the free Salesforce plugin tool; however, this tool had to be installed, configured, and maintained on every user’s desktop, laptop, and mobile device.


Absi, a leading Salesforce partner and system integrator based in Belgium, recommended Riva to Leonidas and stopped Leonidas’ struggle with HCL Notes plugins.

Riva delivers direct, server-side synchronization between Salesforce and HCL Notes and Domino. Riva syncs Leonidas’ Salesforce directly to HCL Notes and Domino on the back end. There’s nothing to install, configure, or manage on the users’ desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Riva connects Salesforce to all HCL Domino clients, so Leonidas never has to worry about having reliable sync.

Leonidas uses Riva to sync Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects. They really love Riva’s support for recurring events, email attachments, and appointments with multiple invitees.


After implementing Riva, the District Managers and sales teams seamlessly work with customers and their back office. Whether they are on the road using their mobile devices or in the office working on their desktops and laptops, HCL Notes users’ data is always up-to-date.

The sales teams can now use their iPads to assign tasks, send and track emails to Salesforce, and plan meetings. Without any action or clicking, all data gets synchronized with Salesforce – and that data is synched in near real-time and available online and offline on the teams’ mobile devices – creating better customer interactions. The back office teams at Leonidas’ headquarters have all information at their fingertips they need to create deeper and more meaningful follow-up with customers. Administration of Riva is a breeze. The Admin team doesn’t need to spend any time installing or managing updates on individual devices.

“Riva’s ability to seamlessly connect Salesforce and HCL Domino adds a ton of value to Salesforce – making it smarter and easier for our staff,” said Nikolas Diamantis, ICT Manager at Leonidas. “Cooperation and collaboration between our team members have greatly improved. Riva is wrangling customer data in the background automatically – creating better Salesforce user adoption. We now have better and more data collected in Salesforce – with less time spent on data entry.”

“Riva empowers more effective sales, optimizes internal processes, and improves customer interactions,” states Laurent Colin, Business Consultant at Absi.

“Moments of happiness” are now easier than ever to create, thanks to Riva.


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