The Reimagining of Customer Experience at Scale

Petronas helps its clients consistently operate at the highest level. So it only made sense that it wanted to operate at the highest level as a company internally. That’s why Petronas was an early adopter of CRM.

Its vision, “We are more than oil. We are Petronas”, drives the company steadily toward transforming performance with technology.

That technology also had to find its place as a conductor to improved and consistent customer experiences across the entire company, regardless of where in the world clients were interacting with Petronas.

This desire and the knowledge gaps between the company’s CRM and Office 365 prompted Petronas to seek out a technology solution that would allow them to continue to grow and scale without interfering with business processes while also improving the customer experience across the board.

Petronas’ CRM provider identified Riva as the prime solution to deal with its data disruption challenges and allow the teams to collaborate on a deeper level to innovate the customer experience.

Single Source of Truth

Riva helped Petronas gather all client interactions into one single repository to deliver transparency into the customer journey. This helped incentivize internal teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences, allowing Petronas to maintain its foothold as one of the world’s largest corporations.

Better collaboration and knowledge sharing between the sales and technical teams provided a sense of cohesiveness inside the company leading to improved CRM user adoption and satisfaction.

The teams can fulfill clients’ individual needs through an intelligent approach that maximizes business performance through tailor-made product offerings and expert services.

Having the combined knowledge of CRM and Office 365 led to increased efficiencies and a marked improvement in the trust and reliability of the data that resides in CRM.

Instant improvement and efficiencies

As soon as Riva was implemented, Petronas realized the benefit of having world-class scalability and flexibility at their fingertips.

Having instant access to accurate and up-to-date client data on any device meant the sales team could make better and more knowledgeable decisions that led to faster and deeper sales with clients.

On average, Petronas receives 10 emails per client per week related to new inquiries, cases, follow-ups, or meeting requests. Given the back and forth conversations that occur, Petronas’ sales teams were having to sift through more than 540,000 communications per year from their more than 1,350 CRM contacts to determine the next steps and get a full view of client interactions. Automated “smart” technology was needed to help Petronas determine effective next steps and capture an entire 360 view of client interactions.

“With Riva, we were able to implement data sharing processes and configure rules to automatically manage and log daily email and calendar activity to help deliver a clearer view of client interactions. We were able to classify and identify emails and meetings/events that we did not want to store in CRM. For example, Riva was configured to automatically exclude private meetings and internal meetings not related to contacts or accounts from being logged in CRM,“ explains Enrico Balbo, CX – Business Application for Petronas. “That was a huge improvement. And with Riva having full bi-directional support and support for recurring events, we can trust that our sales teams’ calendars, contact information, and CRM data are always up-to-date and accurate.”

Without Riva, Petronas understood they would get further and further behind in their ability to meet their clients’ changing needs. Petronas saw an immediate return on their Riva investment with business process improvement – just from the cost of time that Riva saved for staff not having to carry out manual data entry tasks. By saving even 15 seconds per manual task that was automated by Riva, Petronas was able to save 7.5 million seconds, 2340 hours, or close to 334 workdays per year of their teams’ time. This equated to a monetary savings six times greater than Petronas’ investment in Riva. That’s an outstanding increase in team efficiency and ability to focus on higher-level client engagement activities, not to mention the company’s monetary savings annually.

“By implementing Riva, we were able to remove a key barrier from CRM user adoption and satisfaction. Frontline teams now have one singular customer overview, whether they’re working in CRM, Office 365, in the physical office, or on the road. Thanks to Riva, we can move our global business initiatives and client engagements forward faster and better than ever before,” says Silvano Berardo, CX – Group Distributor Manager.

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Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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